Friday, October 18, 2019

Kane Brown's drummer dies-Drowning-Denmark/Christiana-Dalton 215

I know I'm supposed to see this story for a few reason. His drummer died in CHRISTIANA, Tennessee...Remember how 8/10 and 8/11 were important to Christiana....Denmark/Norway/Troll theme...

Kane Brown also gave up his music slot so Chris Young could sing his new song called "DROWNING"? 
He was from Dalton, Georgia....remember in August this year the Drowning story that was connected to Dalton? 
It was the kid named Dalton who went to school with Mollie Tibbetts whose boyfriend was named Dalton...
Mollie Tibbetts=215
Notice Kenny Dixon died on Aleister Crowley's bday and the day important to the Knights of Columbus..
Aleister Crowley=215
Knights of Columbus=215

Kane Brown=50

Remember Kane Brown was important to my grandma's death/Ralphie May's death....Chattanooga/Flintstone, Tennessee...
Interesting too that he dies on 10/12 and when I documented about Kane Brown after my grandma died it was 10/12 or 10/13...I wasn't sure if it happened after midnight or not...
Kenny Dixon died just after midnight as well...

Keeping in mind the Vegas shooting and the Astros winning the WS in 2017 too...
Kane Brown=204(FB)

Need sleep, so think more on this at work tomorrow. 

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