Thursday, October 10, 2019

God Friended Me: Follow the Lady-Find Your Path-Weird Blue Light in the sky after my band gig on 10/5/19

Lately I have really been talking about this knowledge and finding your own path. Everyone has their own path, but that doesn't mean the paths can't be crossed. We all have our own memories that make us drawn to a certain media story/movie/pretty much anything...if you understand your own path I think it might help to understand the bigger path. 
Anyway I really got into watching the show "God Friended Me" a while back as it's exactly what I experience everyday. It's a really revealing show, if you understand the deeper meaning to it. The main character is an atheist who has synchronicity with a God Account....the whole show they are trying to figure out who is behind the account...and the account has been guiding their lives for longer than they might be actual God, or it might be some crazy technology...exactly things I think about everyday lol. 

Anyway, I was watching the newest episode a few nights ago and the account told him to "Follow the Lady, Find your Path". I just thought this was funny considering I've been thinking about this a lot lately....Plus the episode involves Paris, France...and the next episode the main character goes to France...

God Friended Me=215(FB)
The God Account=215

Follow the Lady, Find Your Path=315

I also want to document that I saw a crazy blue light in the sky on Saturday. My band played a gig in Dow City at Cheers and on the way home is when I saw it. It wasn't a falling star, it was a bright blue light that was swerving all over the sky...then it zipped straight at the road in front of me. I thought something crashed on the highway, but of course there was nothing...My girlfriend was with me, but sleeping in the passenger seat...I tried waking her up to show her, but she drank too much...I have no idea what it was...I can only explain it as a rapidly moving blue light. 
I searched Yahoo to see if there might be pictures of something looked like the lights in these pictures with the blue dots. 

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