Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Iowa MLB Umpire Eric Cooper dies age 52-Nick Nurse/AJ Hinch

A MLB umpire from Iowa dies? 
Part of the reason I was following the Astros was because the Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse was from Iowa...The Astros coach AJ Hinch also from Iowa...Now an umpire from Iowa dies just before the World Series...
Notice his last appearance on 10/7. 
Eric Cooper=107
Washington Nationals=107

Washington Nationals=82

Remember Iowa is important to China as well with former governor Terry Branstad being the ambassador to China...Think how the Houston Rockets are important to the China narrative...Houston...
Get this too...at the wedding I DJed this weekend I saw my cousin Wario for the first time in a while. He was actually in the wedding and came back from San Diego...his real name is Chris Houston...and remember the Rockets originally from San Diego..It's important as I didn't know he was coming back and I hung out with him a majority of the night. 
His mom/my aunt also has cancer again and is doing chemo..I'm only mentioning this as she has gematria of 204 like Houston Astros. 
It's crazy too as she exercised like crazy and is even on P90x videos, yet still got cancer just like pretty much that whole side of my family. 

Think how Virginia won the college basketball championship this year too and it was synced to Ralph Sampson....the guy who played for the Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon and they were known as the "Twin Towers". 

He also dies 10 months 2 days after his bday and a span of 60 days before his next bday...
Eric Richard Cooper=102

He died 159 days(end date) after AJ Hinch's bday. 
Eric Cooper=159(FB) and 215(FB)

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