Sunday, October 20, 2019

Zenith's video about Saved By the Bell/Time-CD I found outside of Pizza Hut-Ogaden War 713

I went to Denison a bit ago to pick up Pizza Hut. When I came outside I noticed a CD in decent shape laying right next to my car...I picked it up and it was some Mexican band....
Notice though..."Calibre"=50 and it's called "Calibre 50". 
I layed it back on the ground though cause I figured someone might be back looking for it, and I'm not going to listen to it. It's funny yet as last night after the wedding was over I followed the wedding party to the bars in Denison. A bunch of people kept wanting to go to the Mexican Dance club, and I ended up going there for a short time...

I then figured I would try and listen to Zach's newest video as Sam texted me about the film "Conspiracy Theory" that they talked about in that video I guess. 
I went to Youtube and the first video I saw was Zenith of the Alpha talking about Saved by the Bell and "Time"....It's just funny as I recently blogged about Screech and Saved by the Bell...I also recently told someone about the Facebook "Zack Morris is Trash" it shows how Zack was really a piece of shit and not a good guy on the episodes. I even told my coworker that I didnt' know Mark Paul Gosselaar had to bleach blonde his hair for the Zack Morris character...the reason being is that I know a ton of stuff about Saved by the Bell...we used to watch it everyday after school...even the Miss Bliss episodes with Mikey and Nikki....
Remember the famous line Slater told Jessie too? Why don't you go steady with some other sexist "PIG"...Slater was supposed to wrestle at Iowa University...Who knows..there is a lot of random knowledge I remember from that show though...
I find it funny that Zenith's video is all about Saturn and Time as well...I just documented how Saturn and Time were something important along with the number 713.....The Astros in the World Series as I thought since the death of Tyler Skaggs....
Last night I Dj'ed a wedding and the best man always introduces me to people as the smartest guy he knows and a big conspiracy theorist. How can it be a THEORY though, when countless things I've talked about have happened this year? Anyway, the reason I thought a cool book title would be "Synchromystic" was because Zenith left a comment on my video saying I am a Synchromystic...It just stuck out to me as I never thought about it that way...but I really am more of a synchromystic than I am conspiracy theorist. 

So it's funny that I see this video from Zenith about Saved By the Bell and Saturn....a Great video by the way. 
Zack can stop Time....
I wonder if there is something to Screech in regards to and OWL as well? Screech POWERS. 

Also I was thinking about spanish lately as the word "El" is important to the language..."The"...
Saturn=95(FB), 93, 69
Mexico=95(FB), 93, 69
Dan Behrendt=50, 95

It's interesting too, on my way home from Denison I randomly wondered what time it was while listening to this video...Jasmine has to work at 6, so I just wondered how late it was....of course it was 3:10 and my phone was at 50 percent..
Saved by the BELL..
Mr. Belding(Bell Ding)
Dennis Haskins is from Chattanooga, Tennessee..He will be 69(Saturn) on 11/18/2019. 

I wonder if there is something with Mike on the College Years who played for the San Francisco 49ers as well....In real life the guy is Bob Golic who was drafted to the Patriots...

Also looking back at my old posts about 713...on 7/13 I mentioned how the concert "Live Aid" was on 7/13 and it was for the starving people in Ethiopia. 

7/13 also important to Ethiopia with the Ogaden War and Somalia.....notice it ended on the Ides of March....Julius Caesar supposedly born on 7/13 and died on 3/15...
Ogaden War=43

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