Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sam Darnold's "Seeing Ghosts" comment in regards to my post about the film "Ghost"

Yesterday there was a story about New York Jets player saying he was "seeing ghosts"....Is this not interesting considering I mentioned the film Ghost in a blog post last night? 
Seeing Ghosts=60
New York Jets=60
The story came a span of 4 months 17 days after Darnold's bday...
Remember how Ghost came out on 7/13 and I said the numbers 417 and 713 have a relationship somehow? 

Better yet his name is SAM which is the name of Patrick Swayze's character in the film Ghost...
Patrick Swayze=60

In regards to Ghosts on a Field it reminds me of Field of Dreams...

Funny as I'm writing this up, Claire brought over her Norbert book and told me I looked like a guy in the pictures. I don't think I do at all, but I noticed in Bold Letters "Astro Nuts"...makes me think of the Astros in the World Series...plus...
Astro Nuts"=60

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