Friday, October 18, 2019

Random events in my life-Stress-Time-Saturn

I swear lately has been like bad luck central for me. I've been super stressed about a ton of things and everytime I think it's getting better something goes wrong. In the mix of it, I accidentally double booked DJing for Saturday too. I found someone to help me out as I have enough equipment to do 2 gigs, but of course now one of my mixers quit working. I just bought it in May, and a channel already blew out. I used it on Saturday and had no problems, but after work today I was showing my help how to set it all up and it wouldn't work. I had to drive over an hour to Guitar Center to buy a new one, and I barely have any money the way it is. The gig I'm going to on Saturday also has a band playing. They asked me if I would play acoustic guitar for them on 1 song and I said yes. I was going to learn it tonight, but I have been gone all day..and tomorrow I will be by myself with the Kids directly after work. Anyway a bunch of delays happened to me in Omaha, so I'm just now getting home....For example I took a wrong exit because of the road construction and ended up going 20 minutes in the wrong direction as there was no where to turn around......I get home and check the new mixer, and figure I might as well just stay in the garage and learn the song...I then notice that all of my guitars have a broken "e" string, and the picking in the song needs it...I just can't win lol. I finally gave up and just came inside, and told myself I'll figure it out tomorrow. I got on the computer and it for some reason was going super slow, so I restarted it....When it finally came back on I see this picture of Saturn on the login has been a different picture for over a month, and now changes to Saturn...
Dan Behrendt=95
The wedding I am DJing at is for a guy with name Gematria of 95 as well. 
His first name is Jake, which I thought was funny as the guy who is helping me out is also a Jake. 
The guy helping me out has gematria of "69" which is also a Saturn number. 
Mixer=95(FB) and 69

The song I am supposed to learn is "Can't You See" by The Marshall Tucker Band.....I honestly can't believe I don't already know how to play it, but none of my bands have ever covered it before. I'm just wondering if it's a sign....Can't I see? Saturn? 

I have so many things I want to document about as well, and no time to do it which I think is the ultimate stress I have. I love my job as far as they go, but I hate feeling like everyday I'm just getting dumber. I hate having to go with the flow in regards to knowledge in order to live. It's funny because as I'm writing this I think I figured out the riddle...I never have TIME...Saturn the God of TIME...

I've had synchronicity a bunch of times with the TV while writing this too. 
I wrote the word Time and the TV said it..
I wrote the word "See" and the Tv said it...

Now they are talking about "Dan" and the next scene is at the Louvre Pyramid in France...

Yesterday I was thinking about calling my book something like "Synchromystic", so I figured I'd see if there is already a book with that title....this came up on Amazon...I had to laugh when I saw it was published on 215(2/15)...


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