Friday, October 11, 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize 310 days before his bday

This story comes 215 days after the Ethiopian Airline crash on 3/10....oh the odds...
Notice how the prize was announced is OSLO, Norway where we had the Mosque attack on 8/10....Remember 8/10 was super important to Ethiopia as it was World Lion Day. The Ethiopian airline crash on 3/10 synced to the Lion Air crash...Obama(Lion King), and Haile Selassie(Lion of Judah). 

Notice he was born on Napoleon's bday too....the 227th day of the year in a non leap year. 
Haile Selassie=227
8/10 also important to France and the 227th anniversary of the French Monarchy falling. 
Abiy Ahmed=227(FB) and 49(rev red)
49th prime is 227
Abiy Ahmed Ali=810(eng ext)
Eng. Ext was important around the time of the Ethiopian Airline Crash too. 
Oslo Norway=49(227th prime)

His childhood name even means "Revolution".  

He is also 43 years old...

He won the Nobel Peace Prize because he ended the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Remember Nipsey Hussle's real name is Ermias which is Ethiopian and his father is from Eritrea.....Both are part of the Kingdom of Aksum which is where the Ark of the Covenant was supposedly held. 
Ark of the Covenant=83
Haile Selassie=83 and died age 83. 
Nipsey Hussle born on the same day as Abiy Ahmed which is the 227th day. 

He wins the Nobel Peace Prize 310 days(end date) before his next bday as well. 
Remember Nipsey Hussle was important to Marathons..
The Battle of Marathon is believe to happen on 9/12 which this year was New Years day in Ethiopia...Also the Harvest Moon...Also Andrew Luck's bday...Yao Ming's bday...

It's a perfect day for him to win even more as it's 10/11. 
The day the War came to an end was on 10/11/10 on the Ethiopian Calendar. 
Today is the 30th day of 2012 in Ethiopia...

11/20/2019 will be 3/10/12 on the Ethiopian Calendar...
I'm trying to think how some of these dates sync up still...
Possibly it will be something important on the 227th day of the Ethiopian Calendar..or something with 215..
Remember 8/27/2020 will be 12/21/12...

Mayan Calendar=49 and 239
8/27 is normally the 239th day...

4/23/2020 will be the 227th day of 2012 on the Ethiopian Calendar....
Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael=423(Hailes name)

It's funny Kofi Kingston also just lost his WWE Title on 10/4..He was important to this narrative....he lost 51 days after his bday...
Wrestler=51, 120
It was also 1 month 20 days..
Remember the guy with the Jamaican hat who attacked Bret Hart at that time was from Nebraska too....University of Nebraska was a lot to do with 215 as the 150th anniversary of it's founding...
Kofi Kingston=150
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
Bob Marley=150
The Wailers=150

Kofi also lost his title 180 days after he won it at Wrestlemania 35...
Ras Tafari Makonnen=180

Haile Selassie I=623(satanic)
Prime Minister=623(satanic)
Reminds me of the Brexit stuff....

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed=133
Haile Selassie I=133
The Ethiopian Airlines crash was 133 days after the Lion Air crash...

Funny the other night when I turned on Intervention as I didn't have internet still. It was towards the end of an episode where some lady was addicted to Duster....which is just ridiculous in itself...but the next episode was about some chick on Meth and I remember her brother was wearing a shirt that said Ethiopia on it...

Also I'm wondering....Nipsey Hussle is important...but the Ethiopian-Eritrea conflict came to an end the same day XXXTentacion died in 2018....Probably the 2 most famous rappers to die in the last few years, both have a connection to Ethiopia...
Remember XXXTentacion's cousin drowned at a pool in Jamaica just after he died as well...Rastafari...Jamaica...
It stands out even more considering I just had the synchronicity with Ice Cube/Vin Diesel and the film XXX....


  1. November 19th, 2019 Jupiter will be in the Golden Gate 3 years and 10 days after Trump's victory

  2. Selassie buried on the 310th day 310 days before 9/11. Ethiopia adopted its flag on Halloween 1996 exactly 1776 days to 9/11. Selassie was a Leo considered the Lion of Judah who died when he turned exactly 344 mercury years old in the sign of Virgo ruled by Mercury. The flag feature a pentagram. Pentagram = Halloween in 3 out of 4 base ciphers