Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Synchronicity with the Mouse at the White House story-Jasmine-315

Earlier tonight Jasmine and I went out to eat in Ute, Iowa. I did an interview with Dan Lefkowitz before we left and my kids were running around like crazy being loud. I was telling Jasmine how I thought about going to our attic, but there wasn't a chair, and I know we have Mice up there. Our attic in this house is huge as it's almost as big as our living room, and it could be used as an apartment. My friend had asked me about moving in up there a few weeks back and when I went up there I noticed mouse poop all over. While we were eating I mentioned how it's weird there is mouse poop all over in the attic, yet I've never seen a mouse anywhere else in the house and neither has she. I then looked at my phone and CNN had a headline story about a mouse at the White House. I even showed Jasmine and asked what are the odds? 
My internet is still out as well, so I turned on the tv and saw Independence Day was on. I started writing this post and then I heard Will Smith say "Jasmine"..haha I didn't even remember his girlfriend on this film is named Jasmine...last night the Jasmine stuff was connected to the Will Smith film Gemini man too. 
Jasmine=26, 118
Will Smith=118

haha oh man, I just realized what it's all about...I didn't see it last night..
The whole reason she wanted to go to the place in Ute, Iowa for Prime Rib. We used to go there about once a month, but quit going at some point. It now has a new name and new owners and when we got there they didn't have Prime Rib. We ordered other things off the menu, but the whole reason she wanted to go was because of Prime Rib..
Prime Rib=315(eng ext)
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=315(reverse)
I even mentioned the importance of this number in my post last night...
Jasmine=215(english extended)
I mentioned how english extended was important around the time of 2/15 too. 

Ides of March is 3/15...
I just remembered one of the 315's....Mark Hoppus was born on 3/15...there was something with the UFO/Storm Area 51 stuff important to it...Hoppus is the other guy in Blink 182 with Tom DeLonge..
I seriously wish I could remember the 315's there were a ton of them..


  1. Hey Bobby,
    Would you have time to check out "Ursa Major" - also known as the Great Bear.
    Ursa Major is said to cover 1279.66 square degrees or 3.10% of the total sky.
    Much appreciated. WB

  2. Lol, why are you asking me in Dan's comment section? Will Smith is also the genie in the 2019 Aladdin film. Princess Jasmine in that to of course. Jimmy Garoppolo is the QB for SF 49ers and his nickname is Prince Aladdin. Robin Williams associated with SF was the original genie then Will Smith the second genie is associated with Philadelphia. Philadelphia and SF in turn are connected to each other. 49ers play on Halloween night on TNF

  3. My bad Dan. See you posted about this already.

  4. From the release date of the 1992 Aladdin to Super Bowl 54 is a span of 9931 days. That's the 1225th prime. From Garoppolo's bday to Halloween 2019 is 10,225 days. 1225 is the 49th triangular number. Magic Square of Venus is a 7x7 square. Garappolo born 389 days before aladdin released. 389 is the 77th prime. "Seventy seven" = 2020 ext. Jimmy G = 77 ordinal Jimmy Garoppolo = 77 reduced

  5. My twins turned 49 months old today. Had their first dentist appointment. It's funny. We watched Aladdin on the night of the harvest moon and in Aladdin they're celebrating harvest under the full moon.