Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hong Kong Protesters burn LeBron James Jersey-Batman-Space

Notice how this story comes 76 days before LeBron's bday? 
Stand with Morey=76
Notice too that it's 2 months 15 days...
Remember 215 is important to the Batman symbolism I was showing with this Rockets/China/South Park story...

Remember when Adam West died as well, I mentioned LeBron James having to wear the Batman looking mask? 

Also LeBron is important as he was in the film Trainwreck...Remember there was a movie theater shooting in Lafayette during the film Trainwreck on 7/23/2015? It was just after the movie first came out..Then in August we got all the Batman stuff..Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair and so on...
We also had the Antioch Theater shooting on 8/5/2015...funny the film was Mad Max for that one...rememinding me of OIL. 
8/5 is 7/23 on the Julian Calendar as well. 

The reason the Lakers played the Nets in China is because they were the team the Lakers won a championship over with Shaq. It makes me think about the Miami Heat too..Shaq leaving to the Heat....LeBron leaving to the Heat...

Also think about HOUSTON in regards to the SPACE Theme and LeBron filming Space Jam 2. The Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

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