Friday, October 25, 2019

Ted Danson arrested with Jane Fonda at Climate Crisis Protest-310-Cheers-The Big Bang Theory-Whoopi Goldberg

This story sticks out to me as Jane Fonda's brother Peter just died in August. He was in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma which was a major number I have been following all year. 
Think about Ted Danson being on the show "CHEERS" as well and all I have documented about Cheers and The Big Bang Theory....
Notice this story comes 7 months 3 days after I had the synchronicity with Chigozie Truth at Cheers Bar....then on 3/28 we got the story of The Big Bang Theory surpassing Cheers for the most episodes....
In the post on 3/28 I mentioned the number 73 like crazy as it's Sheldon's favorite number and so on...

The 211 days is interesting because..
Climate Crisis=211
Jane Fonda=47.....47th prime is 211

Peter Fonda=104, 166
The Big Bang Theory=166

It's also interesting seeing Ted Danson's real middle name is "BRIDGE". 

Wikipedia also has a whole section on his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg? I just documented about her a few days ago with Ghost...He cheated on his wife with Whoopi apparently..He also did a controversial Blackface for a Roast in honor of Whoopi? She wasn't mad though as she wrote most of his material and referred him to a makeup artist? 
Whoopi Goldberg=310(FB)

Just posting this here because I turned on the World Series and Joe Buck said, "Three are Tied with 10"....310..

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