Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hope Theme at Work Yesterday

Yesterday at work my coworker named Hope started talking about a "Conspiracy" video she saw on Youtube. It was about a bunch of films/tv foreshadowing 9/11... Our boss started laughing as she was like..."Oh man, you got Dan going now" as I've told her about lots of things before. She like most people, just doesn't really care, but also knows what I'm saying is true. So anyway I started telling Hope about Gematria/Kabbalah/Synchronicity and so on....I talked for over an hour giving her many examples and she seemed fairly interested. She asked me what I thought about Aliens and I explained my experience on 9/10/2001...also the Gematria with 51/Area 51....

So moral of the story..I remember I documented about her a while back when I said there was a "HOPE" theme. It was 153 days(end date) before yesterday and her name just so happens to equal 153 in Gematria. 
Her name also equals 117 which is interesting as a big thing with the Hope theme was Field of Dreams. 
Field of Dreams=117

The connection with her involved the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha, which is also interesting in connection to 9/11...which our conversation began with....

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