Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Nipsey Russell on the Match Game-Nipsey Hussle-Batman Shooting and Lil Wayne My Homies Still video

My internet being out, all I had was my phone with the super slow connection once my data ran out....I could still load pages, but it would take like 10 minutes just to load one page and half the time wouldn't load more than the first page. It was too slow to even make blog posts, so I figured I would document stuff on my wordpad....I see now that the screen shots of the wordpad are too small, so I'm just going to re-type them on the blog....

The new internet company has now called and rescheduled twice, so I haven't had internet for days still. I also ran out of data on my phone, so I can load pages but it's like internet as fast as 1998. Anyway, I turned on Deal or No Deal on the gameshow channel. It was almost over and I was going to write a bit in the book while I wait for some of the internet pages to load up. The next game show that came on however was "Match Game". It's so old that I don't understand some of the jokes even, but I noticed it had a guy named "Nipsey" on it. I thought to myself that has to be Nipsey Russell and of course it is. I honestly never even heard of this guy until the death of Nipsey Hussle and I only noticed that he was the TIN Man on "The Wiz". I didn't realize he was famous for being on Gameshows. The funny part is that the whole section I have been working on lately in my book begins with the importance of Gameshows being scripted as I'm documenting about 2016 and Jeopardy. It all started in 2014 though when I noticed the 27 pattern with Weird Al, and he was on Wheel of Fortune and won $2,700. 
I figured since I couldn't Blog anything because my internet is going so slow that I would just write it in my Wordpad... and put in on a blog later. I opened up my Wordpad and the first thing that came up was about the actor who played the Tin Man and him being born on 8/10. So Nipsey Russell important to the Tin Man and I open my Wordpad to a line about the Tin Man? 
Notice Nipsey Russell died 17 days after his bday too. The 17th prime is 59. "Nipsey Russell"=59, which is the number around black people. Today also leaves 88 days in the year. "Nipsey"=88
The new internet company is named "Western Iowa Wireless"=262 which is funny to me as this was a big number in the Marathon coding. Nipsey Hussle was all about the Marathon code.  It's also a perfect day for this to happen as the new "Joker" film is coming out. Remember Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend was  Lauren London who used to be Lil Wayne's girlfriend. Remember Lil Wayne's song "My Homies Still" that had the Skeletons in the movie theater and the Batman reference in the music video. This is also interesting as above after the "Tin Man" thing I mentioned the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stuff that was important to Lil Wayne having to emergency land in Omaha, Nebraska. There was also the Egyptian Airline Flight 804 crash just before this in was coming from Paris, France....Nipsey Hussle born on Napoleon's bday.....Also I swear to God last night before bed I turned on the film "The Dark Knight Rises" and fell asleep to it. I wasn't paying that much attention to it, as I was trying to listen to the Gematria Effect, which most likely ran my data out, but I fell asleep. The Dark Knight Rises is the film that got Shot up in Aurora, Colorado. 
I also mentioned Lil Wayne recently in regards to Blink 182 and the Aliens stuff. In that post I believe I talked about Randy Quaid as well, which is funny that I recently documented and watched  film "Independence Day" too. 
My Tom DeLonge Aliens video was put out on 3/15...that's why Mark Hoppus being born on 3/15 was so important. Lil WAYNE....WAYNES World..The Wonder Years with WAYNE came out on 3/15. Waynes World takes place in AURORA, Illinois. 
As my pages finally load, I see that I mentioned a "Peach" theme on 7/13 that was all about Donald Trump and the Wall...Peaches Geldof....Live Aid performance for Ethiopian Famine...I'm just thinking about this in regards to the Im Peachment stuff. On 10/6 it will be the 25th day of 2012 on the Ethiopian calendar....25 super important to the Wall 10/6 was big with the Nascar stuff...
Nipsey Russell's real name is "Julius" too which reminds of the Julian Calendar stuff. 10/6 is 9/23 on Julian...
Nipsey Russell=76
Today is 76 days after the Batman shooting anniversary. 

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