Friday, October 25, 2019

Death of Hannah Baker on the Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'-Ghost

Since I haven't been able to do much of anything with 2 arms lately, I've been watching this show "Thirteen Reasons Why" on Netflix. My co-worker was telling me about it one day, so I started watching it...It's basically about a girl who kills herself and leaves 13 cassette tapes explaining why she did it. 
Notice the girl killed herself on the day leaving 83 days in the year. 
Hannah Baker=83 and 47
our little girl=83
Also interesing...
Hannah Baker=56(k)

I doubt it's coincidence they chose her to die 42 days after her bday either. 
Thirteen Reasons Why=111(s)

The actor is Katherine Langford. 
Katherine Langford=93
Thirteen Reasons Why=93
Her bday in a non leap year is the 119th day..

I just started watching the 2nd season today too, and it's funny as her "Ghost" appears to Clay Jensen to help him. Not sure if it's actually her ghost or his mind, but they say it's her ghost. 

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  1. Haha, I’m watching a YouTube video where people are acting out movie scenes and other people have to guess what the movie is. As I was reading the last paragraph, someone acted out a scene from Ghost