Friday, August 4, 2017

Dr. Sarah Beadle dies age 38 in Grand Canyon

A 38 year old dies on 8/3 or 3/8? 
Dr. Sarah Beadle=53
Grand Canyon=53

She's from Fort Worth...
Fort Worth=53

She died on the North Side of the Colorado River...
Colorado=38, 83
Colorado the 38th state. 

The cause of death was because she ran out of water. 
Sarah Beadle=68(red rev)
Fort Worth, Texas=68

I love how one of the writers of the article in the AP is Anita Snow. 
I need a Snow?  Beadle dies of heat exhaustion and the lady who writes the article...I need a the irony. 
Anita Snow=116
Grand Canyon=116
It doesn't have to mean anything, but I remember the only time I went to the grand canyon. We parked and as we were walking up the hill I noticed there was another car there with Harrison County, Iowa License plates. Turns out it was Jim Grady from the same town I live in. 
Dunlap, Iowa=116
I moved to Arizona on June 11th or 11/6. 
This same day Boy Scouts died in Little Sioux, Iowa which is also in Harrison County. It was part of the reason I thought the Indians would be in the World Series and so on....
I'm gonna have to look into the Indians again this year....The Jay Z/Priest stuff I remember had 116 too. 

I've been thinking about the Twin stuff and I wonder if there are actual Twin Brothers that play in the MLB right now? I know Jose Canseco has a twin and won the WS with the Yankees. 

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  1. I've got St louis winning the world series. After reading this I thought I'd check if they had ever had twins playing for them. They did in 1934 when they won the World series. One of the twins was called Dizzy, and he was born on 1/16. You just mentioned 1/16 and the Grand canyon lady grew dizzy after running out of water. 1934 was 83 years ago, like the date 8/3.
    Unbelievably weird.
    83 could be a good number for St louis as well. Brady won the superbowl, his birthday is 8/3. And the warriors won the NBA finals with 83 wins.

    Oh and St louis link up with your minnesota twins stuff as that was the World Series 30 years ago. 30th prime = 113. 113th WS coming up.

    Only problem is St Louis are absolute trash ha.