Saturday, August 26, 2017

Another story about Twins coming up in my life

I swear it just never ends lol. Around 10pm tonight I got a text to come to the golf course(clubhouse). I figured nothing else going on, I might as well go up for a bit. Turns out there was a bachelorette party for a girl I am Djing for in a few weeks. Anyway while doing a Jello Shot it reminded me of an old memory, and  I got into a conversation about one of my old neighbors Tia Cheli(Araceli Aguilar). I found out she is a married lesbian now. Lol I was surprised to find this out as she was absolutely not a lesbian when I hung out with her years ago.  
Anyway the reason I am even posting about this is because not only is she a married lesbian now, she has 2 kids....of course TWINS. 


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