Wednesday, August 9, 2017

North Korea media stories-Jesuits-Death of My Neighbor-Korean War

As I was looking back at Kim Jong-Un because of the news today, I noticed a few more interesting things. 

Remember Dennis Rodman says Kim Jon Un's bday is 1/8 but Switzerland says it's 7/5. 
The difference between the dates is 187 days. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
Donald Trump's bday is 187 days before Pope Francis' and so on.

World War III=75(rev red)

Kim's 7/5 bday to the Jesuit anniversary is 84 days. 
United States of America=84
United States and Switzerland both say he was born in 84' as well. 
January 8th also 8/1...
This year the Jesuit anniversary is 81 days before Pope Francis' 81st bday. 

The Jesuit anniversary to January 8th is 3 months 12 days. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(reverse)
This year will be the 477th anniversary of Jesuits. 
Francis Xavier died on 3/12(Dec. 3rd)
Ignatius of Loyola made a saint on 3/12. 

Look at that too. The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 2 days. 
USS Fitzgerald Post 312
Weird the Korean War came to an end on 7/27 too...I only find this interesting as in the USS Fitzgerald post I mentioned my friend Clark whom I haven't seen forever. On 7/27 I actually saw him this year, although I just waved and didn't talk to him, I did see him. 
Clark Brasel=312(Jewish) 
His wife born on the Jesuit anniversary 9/27. 
My Neighbors 312
I mentioned my neighbors in a post on Trump's bday too. "Bump" just died on 7/30. 

Interesting his bday of 3/24...That means he died 4 months 6 days after his bday. 

I posted about him on 6/14 which was 46 days before he died. 
I talked about him in a video as well as he was a huge Cubs fan. After the Cubs won the WS he got sick...
Chicago Cubs=46
The other neighbor in the post was "Wanda Martin". 
Wanda Martin=46

4 months and 6 days is also 128 days...

He also died 1 month 28 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Notice it's also 8 weeks 3 days..He died age 83...born on the 83rd day of the year. 

Also his bday of 3/24 is connected as it's 187 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
His bday also 6 months 3 days before the Jesuit anniversary. Interesting as he dies on 30/7...which 307 is the 63rd prime too. 

Society of Jesus=56(red)
He was a 1st degree Knight of Columbus it says as well. 
Bump Assman=61(rev red) and 151(reverse) 
Jesus=61=God=Holy Spirit=Christian and so on...
Jesus Christ=151

He also died at "Hillcrest Rehab Cottage"=211 on the 211th day of the year. 
Bernard Leonard Assman=81
Notice his wife died on 2/20/2016
2/20 is 9 months 27 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
Jesuit anniversary is 2 months 20 days(81 days) before Francis' 81'st bday. 
Remember 2/20 is the day Rihanna was born and the NBA Finals game 1 she was at was 3 months 12 days after her bday. 
Rihanna Jesuits 312

Craziness...Just as I typed Rihanna in this blog I heard the TV say "Barbados".. It's the Newlywed Game on the Gameshow Network, but of course Barbados is where Rihanna is from. She's from St. Michael Parish and this was a big thing in regards to what I have mentioned with Rihanna. 
Archangel Michael=312(reverse)

I wish I could remember the day now, but just a few weeks ago the other neighbor Wanda came over freaking out asking for help. I guess her blood sugar was really high and she was by herself. Anyway as I was taking her to her sisters house, the guy she lives with showed up and she stayed home. I never did figure out what exactly happened. Also just a few days ago they asked me to help move in a new couch and gave us their old couch. It's only weird as I've lived here for almost 3 years and I've only talked to them maybe 5 or 6 times. 
I also want to document on 8/5 that I came back from the gas station and an old guy was on Bump's front porch. He was told the funeral was on 8/5 but it's actually not until 8/12. He said he drove over 200 miles and what not. My aunt eventually came over and opened the door for him to leave the flowers he brought as she has a key to Bump's house. I don't know yet if there's any meaning to that guy but I enjoyed talking to him as I learned a lot about things going on back in the day. He told me his name was "Speed" Egan? 
Ha so his funeral is on 12/8 too....
My aunt has the code/key to his house because her husband mows the yard...
Ron Fouts=128
I'm still wondering about the Jesuit anniversary date this year. I wonder if we will get a war with North Korea? It doesn't necessarily have to be a World War, just a War? 
World War=42
Kim Jong-Un=42

The Korean War took place when Truman was the president. 
His name is literally Harry S. Truman..S doesn't stand for a name fo r sure...It could be Solomon or Shipp is what I've read...
Harry S. Truman=176 and 148(reverse)
Donald J Trump=148 and 176(reverse)
Trump beat Clinton in the biggest american election upset since 1948 when Truman beat Dewey....

Truman died 4 months 12 days before his bday....Became president on 4/ much more....became president in 45' Trump the 45th president. 

Gonna look more at the Korean War when I get a chance though. I think it plays a big role in the current media. 

Kim Jong-Un's grandpa authorized the invasion of South Korea beginning the Korean War. 
Kim II Sung=128(reverse)
He also died 84 days after his bday. 

Many North Korean's believe he is a God  who created the world in 7 days and came to Earth in human form in 1912? 

Kim Jong-Il died on Pope Francis' 75th bday too. 

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  1. You could do the gematria or you simply could've asked them about the circumstances. Making assumptions and accusations about his death could only be detrimental to your relationship to the family.