Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Girlfriends brother asked me about Corey Taylor-Slipknot-Stone Sour tonight at work after I blogged about it last night

Just documenting something I thought was funny earlier tonight at work. I worked with my girlfriends brother Dane tonight and he was singing "Through Glass" by Stone Sour. He then asked me if I knew Stone Sour and Slipknot had the same lead singer as he had just learned that. Anyway I thought to myself and later told him how it's crazy just last night I blogged about Slipknot/Corey Taylor/Paul Gray....
Slipknot-Gematria The Killing Name blog post
Corey Taylor=59(rev red) and 157
Dane Cole=59 and 157(reverse)..My girlfriends brother. 
Corey Todd Taylor=79(rev red)
Dane Michael Cole=79(rev red)

Dane Born on 1/11/1999. 
1+11+99=111  born on 1/11. 

Today is 5 months 9 days before Dane's Bday. 

Today also 128 days before Corey Taylor's bday on 12/8. Also 4 months 6 days. 
Slipknot=46(rev red)

We both work at "The Town and Country Store"=317
I've just recently been documenting the significance of 317 too. 
Through Glass=56, 155 and 61(rev red) and 169(reverse)
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=317(reverse)
Three One Seven=155
God=61=Christian=Jesus=Cross=Church=Holy Spirit and many more. 
What's even funnier to me is the people who own the store. 
Brad Gross=140(reverse)
Corey Taylor=140(reverse)
Lisa Gross=61(rev red)
Brad also owns his own Tax business in town. A long time ago I made a video about the building where his business is, and how it used to be the Lodge of "The Independent Order of the Odd Fellows". The reason I mentioned that Lodge was because the town I live in was saved by the Freemasons after someone in town killed Yellowsmoke. Yellowsmoke was the last keeper of the sacred pole of the Omaha Indians. They came to town to kill everyone, but the Freemasons did signals and the Indians knew them and believed the Freemasons and didn't kill the town according to the old documented news story. 
Odd Fellows aren't Freemasonry but a secret society...
Odd Fellows=115, 155(reverse)
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
The Town and Country Store=115(rev red)
I've covered much of this before, but just wanted to re show some of it. 

I talked about Dane previously in my Stan Lee post too. 
Death of Stan Lee's Wife

So I'm just about to post this Blog post but was reading about the Odd Fellows a bit. I stopped and checked the TV guide and saw Idiotest was on. Right as I turn it here Ben Glieb announces the contestants are TWINS. ha funnier yet I took the picture when it says 1:15 in the corner without even realizing it.  

In light of all the 115 and 155...I found a bunch of videos where Corey Taylor sang "Through Glass" as a tribute to Chester Bennington. 
Linkin Park=115 and 155(reverse)
Stone Sour=52(red rev)
Chester Bennington=52

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