Sunday, August 27, 2017

Freddie Gray was a Twin-Minnesota Twins/Cleveland Indians

I just made a video in regards to Slipknot/Paul Gray. It's uploading now, but I figured I would look back at some of the old stuff I was talking about as it connected to Freddie Gray and Kanye singing the Freddie song at Glastonbury. 
Anyway I just noticed that Freddie Gray was a TWIN. 
I talked about her name being Frederika and we got Hurricanes/Tropical Storms Fred and Erika right after each other. 
Freddie Gray=60(red rev) and 195(reverse)
Minnesota Twins=60 and 195

I also for some reason cannot stop thinking about how this Photo has some importance. I used to have it on my Myspace account main picture. 

Freddie Gray died 919 days before the World Series begins this year....
157th prime is 919. 
Corey Taylor=157
United States=157
America is a Killing Name? 
Also interesting in regards to 91...19...
The Freddie Gray stuff went back to the 1991 films Drop Dead Fred and Freddy's Dead.....
1991 the last time the Twins won the World Series....

The day Freddie Gray died in 2015 the Twins beat the Indians 7-2 making their record 5-7. 
World Series=57
I just mentioned 72 last night in connection to the Indians/Rocky/Twins...

The Twins just won today as well....with a score of 7-2 getting their 67th win. 
Cleveland Indians=67

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