Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Slipknot-Gematria(The Killing Name)-more info on death of Paul Gray-Reverse Gematria

I was looking at Facebook earlier and my friend posted a video of him backstage at a Lamb of God concert. 
He actually knows Sid from Slipknot and seeing that made me want to re-examine Slipknot as they have the song "Gematria(The Killing Name). 
Corey Todd Taylor=74
Corey Josh Taylor=74(Wiki Fact or Fiction name)
Des Moines, Iowa=74(rev red)
Paul Dedrick Gray=74

I've talked about Paul Gray before...
Paul Gray=38
He died age 38. 
His nickname was the pig. 
The Pig=38
Posthumously awarded the "Kerrang"=38
Died in Room 431......431 the 83rd prime...83/38. 
Learning reverse it makes it even better...
Paul Gray died in Johnston, Iowa. 
Johnston=38(rev red)
Johnston, Iowa=163
163 is the 38th prime number. 

He died 46 days before his bday. 
They tried to blame it on the doctor named Daniel Baldi. 
Daniel Baldi=46

Just noting as well....."Stone Sour"=38

The next album after Paul Gray died was titled .5 The Gray Chapter. 
The Gray Chapter=74, 155
Paul Dedrick Gray=74, 155

The Song Gematria(The Killing Name) was the 2nd track off of Slipknot's 4th album. It was also the last album with Paul Gray.  Paul Gray's number in Slipknot was # 2...Think about that. The first to die in Slipknot is # 2 and the song is Track # 2. 

Corey Taylor=58 and 140(reverse)
Des Moines=58(rev red) and 140(reverse)
The Killing Name=140
Number Eight=58
Maggots=35(red rev)

Paul Gray also died 319 days before his bday. 
I just mentioned this number in regards to the Simpsons episode saying Donald Trump will be the president before a woman. 
Twelve Eight Seventy Three=319(corey taylors bday and beginning words of Gematria the killing name). 
In the Song he screams "What if God doesn't Care" multiple times.
Gematria The Killing Name=128(rev red)
Think about that in regards to Taylor's 12/8 bday. 
Sacrifice=46, 73


  1. Love the decode. Mostly it's because I love this fucking band. But, I could be wrong, you ever look at the album cover for All Hope Is Gone? The whole group is standing there and that has to be the Star of David around them in the clouds. You have to look close

  2. If you look at the cover, the numbers 345 and 45 are pointing right through corey. He's marked if you ask me

    1. I could be completely wrong on all of this, you are a much better decoder than myself. If you look at that cover, seems there are more numbers pointing to corey. But I could be wrong. Maybe it points to something deeper. Thank you for your work