Sunday, August 6, 2017

New discovery in Old Blog Post-319-Franklin Gutierrez-2001 Mariners-2017 Dodgers

My friend Sam text me yesterday telling me he didn't know I talked about him in a video. 
I don't remember what video I mentioned this in though and waiting on him to text back about it. The reason I'm bringing it back up is I realized a few new things in regards to the post on May 14th. Also he mentioned that I talked about him in a video about Franklin Gutierrez. I may have talked about this in a video but I'm not sure which one. I also cannot find any info on my blog about Gutierrez that I have documented, so possibly he mixed some stuff up. Or possibly I just went off track and talked about him in a video unplanned? 
So what I noticed in regards to the May 14th blog post is that when I sat down and asked God for a Truthseeking friend it was 3:19am. Sam then randomly text me about Bloodlines and signs and symbols at 3:21am. 
Anyway Sam was born on 11/15/1990. 
11/15 is the 319th day of the year. I've recently documented a few things in regards to this number such as Paul Gray dying 319 days after his bday..
Also if you recall Prince died 319 days after his bday. 3/19 was 33 days after Vanity died on 2/15 which leaves 319 days in the year. 3/19 was also 33 days before Prince died. Prince also has the song 319. 

Notice 5/14 also 6 months 1 day before Sam's 27th bday. 
I asked God to show me a friend and what not. 
He's also 26 years old...
Also our bdays sync up to that 5/14 date as well. 
My bday is 185 days before 5/14 and his is 185 days after 5/14. 

Also his bday is 180 days before 5/14 and mine is 180 days after. 
May Fourteenth=180(reverse)
I told him I don't know what 180 means though as I've never really seen much of it. 
July 4th is the 185th day and leaves 180 days in the year as well. 
June 29th is the 180th day and leaves 185 days. 
June 29th is 117 days before the World Series... 
I was sitting here thinking about something though in regards to Gutierrez. Sam is a fan of the Seattle Mariners, Gutierrez used to play for the Mariners and is now a Los Angeles Dodger. 
I mentioned a while back how there seems to be a connection to this year to the 2001 season in which the Mariners won 116 games and then lost in the playoffs to the Yankees after 9/11. 
Just has me wondering considering the Dodgers have been rolling currently. Possibly they will lose in the playoffs just like the Mariners in 2001? 
9/11 to the 2001 WS was 46 days or 1 month 16 days. 
The Mariners finished the regular season 116-46. 
World Trade Center=185
Donald John Trump=185
Stock Market Crash=185
The World series begins on the 88th anniversary of the Black Thursday..
The Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001 over the Yankees. 
This is why it's interesting to me...
Arizona Diamondbacks=180(reverse)
The Dodgers even played Arizona on July 4th this year. Interesting the Twins played the Los Angeles Angels too. 
Los Angeles=37
Sam Moores=37
Interesting too 180 days before the World Series was April 17th. I talked about this date in my Howie Kendrick trade post. 
However with the End Date it would be 181 days before the World Series. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=181
Also with the End Date our bdays would be 181 days from 5/14. 

Sam's bday to 3/19 (end date) is 125 days. 
Sam Moores=125(reverse)
3/19 to 5/14 is also 1 month 25 days. 
 3/19 to the Jesuit Anniversary is 191 days. 
Society of Jesus=191
New York Yankees=191
Gutierrez became a Dodger on 2/20 which is 8 months 4 days before the World Series begins. 
Franklin Rafael Gutiérrez=117
Be Funny if the Dodgers win 117 games this season too. 
World Series=57
May 14th was the 42nd day of the season that began on 4/2. 
Arizona=42(red rev)

After I look all this up, I go to CNN for the first time today and I see a Top Story about Venezuela....How interesting considering Gutierrez is from Venezuela too. 
Venezuela=42(rev red)
Just as I'm about to post this blog post I looked up at the tv and this is what I see. C19.....319
The film "Unfinished Business" is on FXX Channel 125. 
It stars Vince Vaughn who is from Minneapolis. 

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