Saturday, August 12, 2017

Winning Mega Millions ticket worth $393 million sold in Illinois

Mega Millions=57, 129 and 195(reverse)
Three Hundred Ninety Three=129(reduced)
Lottery Ticket=57
Three Hundred Ninety Three Million Dollars=195

Have you ever actually looked at some of the photos they put of the winners on the lottery machine? I work at a gas station and I point it out all the time. They have people winning $50,000 and the picture looks like they just had someone in their family die. I always tell people I think they just pay some homeless person $100 to hold a sign so they can take a picture of them and say they won. 
Funny that "Homeless Person"=195(reverse)
No one has won it since the 118th day of the year...
Now someone wins on August 11th...8/11 or 11/8. 
Interesting too without the Mega Ball the numbers add to 223. 
August 11th the 223rd day...

Palos Heights, Illinois=103
Mega Millions Winner=103(rev red)

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  1. Hey Dan it's the Gematrinator here
    Note on 393:
    "Three hundred ninety three" = 1331 (Jewish)
    The other 2 numbers to sum to 1331 are 133 and 331. "President" = 393. When gematrinating headlines and quotes this month, 393 has been EVERY WHERE, they really have an affinity for it. But I just wanted to point this out since it relates to Saturn and the eclipse and that's almost all I've been talking about lately. Cheers!