Friday, August 11, 2017

CNN Article about Twins-Seeing Double for Science

I just got online and went to CNN. This story is one of their headline pieces. Of course a story about Twins. 
It's just crazy. If it's not meant for the Minnesota Twins I don't even care, but you can't deny this theme being used a lot. 

It's basically just a story about a place called Twinsburg, Ohio and how each year they have a festival called Twins Days. Thousands of Twins show up to the festival. 
Twinsburg=133 and 110(reverse)
Minnesota=110 and 133(reverse)
Twinsburg, Ohio=72, 180
Arizona Diamondbacks=180
Twins Days=35, 109 and 55(rev red) 134(reverse)

Twinsburg named after Moses and Aaron Wilcox. 
Wilcox Twins=54
Baseball=54 and so on..
Moses and Moses and his brother Aaron from the Bible...

Apparently 33 out of 1,000 births in the US are Twins lol. 
CNN Article "Seeing Double For Science"
The article is in the link above. 

For some reason this article reminded me of the Biker Gang Shootings we got in 2016 that was coded to the Broncos winning the SB. One of the shootings was in Dallas at Twin Peaks. 
Twin Peaks=118
Dallas Texas=118
Colorado Rockies=73, 163 and 89(rev red), 242(reverse)
Rockies=35, 80, 46(rev red) and 109(reverse)

Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)
Colorado=38..The 38th state....
163 is the 38th prime number...
Los Angeles=109
Just some interesting things I wanted to note. 

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