Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mindless Freaks Facebook cover art not about Flat Earth-Other Mindless Freaks things I noticed

While writing my last post, I got on Facebook as I wanted to re-watch the video Brandon Bourbon had before he died. Anyway I noticed I had a notification that I had 2 new views on my Mindless Freaks Facebook. I haven't posted on this since 11/16/16. 
Brandon Bourbon=155, 223(reverse)
Mindless Freaks=155, 223(reverse)

Anyway I just thought it was funny as my cover art is seemingly about the Flat Earth, but it's actually not. 
In 2007 I made a book of stuff I had written as journal entries. I had a lot of questions my whole life in regards to what the purpose of life is/was. In 2007 I just decided to start writing down things that didn't make sense to me such as the Ten Commandments. God freed them out of the Slavery of Egypt yet on the Sabbath everyone must rest even your slave? So it's ok to own slaves, just not in Egypt? 
A ton of examples not just religious, but wondering what "Time" really is, or why Gold has been so popular. I would rather have a sandwich than gold. 
Anyway the picture above I was just stating that saying something is a certain direction(North, South, East, West) doesn't make much sense in a 3D world.  If the world is round then the North Pole isn't technically north. In order to look in the direction of the North Pole you would have to look into the earth because it's round. Depending on the Axis of the Earth and your location in order to look North you would have to bend your head back and look at the sky. I also talked about how do we know the North Pole isn't actually East/West/South whatever in the Universe? Or how do we know how many miles away a star/planet/so on is? If there is a way to calculate the distance then how do we know that just because a certain planet is so many miles away that it's not above or below the earth..(what's the shape of the universe?)...

I guess moral of the post is that the picture on my facebook might be deceiving but that's not what it was intended for. I didn't even know people thought the Earth was flat back then.

I published that book on 25/7 and it was also 257 days after my 27th bday. 
Daniel Behrendt=257(reverse)
That blows me away lol. 
I was originally going to title it: 
The Antisocialist Journal=95
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Mindless Freaks=56, 155 and 88(rev red), 223(reverse)

Funny too a while back I see I posted about my first ever youtube video. It was a music video of my song called "Tasteless". The chorus is "Abc's never meant much to me, 123's I can't counterfeit". 

The Book cover is crazy to me as well. I just made a stupid drawing at the time. I only meant to represent the escape of the rotting world. Jumping the fence to the other side where I could feel happier. The otherside while happier was still just a bunch of Mindless Freaks wandering aimlessly.  Now I see I drew what looks like people ascending into the Sun. Just crazy to me. 
257 the 55th prime number.

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