Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kyrie Irving Traded to Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas

Finally got a new(refurbished) computer and my internet turned back on. Woohoo. 

This is the first big story I see. 
Kyrie Irving traded in a deal with Isaiah Thomas. 
Kyrie Irving=75(red)
Isaiah Thomas=75(rev red) also 51(red)
Cleveland Cavs=51 
Lebron James=42, 51  (Notice the pic above 4 and 2)
Quicken Loans=51

Interesting this story comes 152 days after Kyrie Irvings bday. 
Flat Earth=152(reverse)

It also comes 3 months 3 days after Irving and Thomas last played each other before Thomas got his hip injury. 
NBA Finals=33
Thomas hurt on 19/5.  "Boston Celtics"=195(reverse)

Something I never noticed before was Thomas' injury was 3 months 12 days after his bday. I started mentioning 312 a lot in regards to Jesuits/NBA Finals and more in June. 

This trade also comes 33 days(end date) after Kyrie asked to be traded stories were out. 
Thirty Three=156
Boston Celtics=156

This story comes 4 months 8 days before Lebron's 33rd bday. 
James=48 and 33(Red rev)."Lebron"=33(rev red)
Boston Celtics=48

It's also interesting this story comes when Boston is playing Cleveland in the MLB. 
The headline picture above at the beginning of the post shows us 54. 
Kyrie Irving=147 and 150(reverse)
World Series=147 and 150(reverse)

Kyries bday is 150 days after the World Series begins. 

Kyrie asked to be traded 3 months 3 days before the World Series begins. 

Thinking about Isaiah Thomas' sister dying on 4/15 as well...The anniversary of the Boston Bombing...
Boston Bombing=147

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