Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ric Flair hospitalized-Charlotte symbolism-National Treasure

I haven't been online much the past few days as my laptop has been crazy and it finally died yesterday. A bunch of other circumstances that haven't allowed me to make videos as well such as my girlfriends family having to move in with us. Now we have 8 people living in my 2-1/2 bedroom house. Hopefully getting a new laptop tomorrow, but we will see. 
Anyway earlier on my phone I saw my friend share a story about Ric Flair being hospitalized. It just instantly drew my attention as I posted about him a few times before the Super Bowl in regards to the Falcons/Four Horsemen. It was before I used "Reverse Gematria" so I figured I would check him out again. 

Richard Morgan Fliehr=115, 187 and 326(reverse)
How interesting as forever I have mentioned the significance of 326 connected to Gabriel/Jesuits. 
Society of Jesus=56 and 187(reverse)
Notice he was born on the 56th day of 1949. 
He was hospitalized on the 224th day 8/12. 
The Society of Jesus=224
He was hospitalized 1 month 15 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Remember the Jesuits and Freemasonry intertwined. 

Ric Flair=140(reverse)
Interesting as it's a number I've been documenting recently. 
Corey Taylor=140(reverse)
The Killing Name=140

Interesting he's billed out of Charlotte as well. This happens the same day as the Charlottesville, Virginia Riot.
He hasn't appeared in the WWE since Sasha Banks beat Charlotte Flair on 11/28/16. 
Sasha Banks=333(Jewish) won on 333rd day. 
Charlotte=102 and 141(reverse)
8/12 leaves 141 days in the year. 
Civil War began on 102nd day of the year. 
Notice too it was 102 days after Princess Charlotte's 2nd bday. 
I've been wondering forever in regards to "National Treasure" saying the secret lies with Charlotte....
Notice it's 3 months 10 days as well. 
"The Secret Lies with Charlotte"=310
Benjamin Franklin Gates=128(rev red)
Thomas Gates=128
August 12th or 12/8.
William Penn=128
Philadelphia established on a date numerology of 128..
Ben Franklin died on 4+17+17+90=128
The secret entrusted from Charles Carroll III. 
Charles Carroll III=116(rev red)
He died exactly 116 years before Prince Charles was born, who will become King Charles III if Elizabeth II dies. 
Also Charles Carroll=145, he's the only catholic signer on the declaration of Independence. 
I'll have to come back and look more at this guy again knowing reverse. He was the last person to die of the 56 signers on the declaration of independence. He died 56 years after signing it. John Hancock died age 56. 
Carroll also went to a Jesuit school. 
Society of Jesus=56
John Hancock=102
Declaration of Independence=122
Charlotte born on 122nd day. 
Charlotte the feminine name for Charles. 

Ryan Satin....Satan...
Ryan Satin=40, 121 and 122(reverse)
Nature Boy=40, 121 and 122(reverse)


  1. MLB world series two thousand seventeen = 187.

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  4. Dan today 5/16/19 Ric Flair has been Hospitalized in Atlanta.