Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Minneapolis School Building Explosion-Minnehaha Academy

An explosion at a school in Minneapolis now? Can't get enough of these Minnesota stories lately can they? 
I bet they got a small laugh out of this story...Mini Haha.

Minnehaha Academy=71 and 82(red rev)
Minneapolis School=82
This happens on 8/2. 
Eighty Two=132
Gas=132(satanic)..caused by gas. 
Minnehaha Academy Upper School=132(rev red) 
Building Collapse=71

Jack Mahler was at soccer practice and the explosion took him off his feet? 
Jack Mahler=82

Notice Jack is wearing a US Air Force thing around his neck. 
US Air Force=52 and 155(reverse)
I'll explain the 155 farther down. 

The other names in the story sync up with Minnesota. 
James Miner=163(reverse)
163 the 38th prime. 
Minnesota=38, 110 and 52(rev red), 133(reverse)
Hennepin County Medical Center=133

John Barron=52
Minnesota=52(red rev)

In regards to sports and the number 82. The Twins/Vikings started playing in the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in 82'. 
Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome=133 and 110(red rev)
Minnesota=110 and 133(reverse)

Humphrey the 38th vice president of the US. 

Today is also 187 days(end date) before Super Bowl 52 that will be played in Minnesota. 
US Bank Stadium=38, 47, 155
They made sure to let us know that Minnehaha was a Christian school as well. 
Today leaves 151 days in the year. 
Jesus Christ=151

Next year will be 35 years after 1982. The Super Bowl played on the 35th day of the year. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
Eighty Two=132

Evangelical Covenant Church=132(rev red)

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