Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Movies I watched the past few days-Trump in Phoenix-Phoenix Lights-Aliens-Water

Another thing I want to document in regards to the news today....The big story was all about Trump's speech in Phoenix. 
I had no idea he was even giving a speech in Phoenix as I haven't had internet for the past few days. 
The reason I think it's so odd is because of a movie I watched on Monday. I didn't have internet and it was storming out (which means dish network was out too), so I rented some dvds from the place I work. 

These were the 2 movies we rented. 
"Phoenix Forgotten" and "A Cure for Wellness". 
I have honestly been thinking about the Phoenix Forgotten movie a lot since too and the movie "Fire in the Sky" because of Aliens and Arizona. 
So doesn't have to mean anything but I find it strange I randomly watch this film about the Phoenix Lights and now the big news when I get the internet back is Trump in Phoenix. I've mentioned the connections of Trump to Pope Francis and the Phoenix Lights happened 16 years exactly before Pope Francis became Pope. 

The other movie is also interesting as my girlfriend picked it out and I had never heard of it before. The film has a lot to do with Water which is also interesting. 
Last Thursday she had another Dr. appointment for being pregnant and told the Dr. she hasn't been feeling well. The Dr. told her she was really dehydrated and needed to drink a gallon of water everyday. This is great as my girlfriend never ever drinks water, and I tell her she should all the time. So it's funny she would pick this movie out not even realizing what it's about. Earlier in that day I was also trying to figure out how many glasses of water a gallon would be and talking about it with a coworker too.
It's 128 ounces so I told her it would be 4 glasses out of the 32oz glass. 
It's also just funny to me in regards to Phoenix-The Desert-Dehydration and so on...

Phoenix Lights=76, 166 and 59(rev red) and 185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185

The Wellness movie came out 185 days before I watched it too. 

I watched these films 68 days after Trump's bday. 
Donald Trump=68
Phoenix Arizona=68(rev red)
Phoenix Forgotten=68

The Phoenix Lights happened exactly 16 years before Pope Francis became the Pope. 
Pope Francis=68 and 175(reverse)
Phoenix Arizona=175
Mesa Arizona=175(reverse)
Fire in the Sky=68 and 175(reverse)
175 a number I mentioned a lot in regards to a Space Theme around the time of the NBA. 
Golden State Warriors=175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=175
John Glenn died 175 days before the Finals began and so on. 

The day I watched these films was 3 months 26 days before Pope Francis' bday as well. The Gabriel number and more. 

There's also the Vatican Telescope in Arizona. 
Notice it had it's First Light in 1993. 
This is also the year the Film "Fire in the Sky" came out. 

Interesting it came out on 3/12....a number I've mentioned in regards to the Jesuits/Space stuff. 
Travis Walton supposedly abducted on Nov. 5th 1975. 
11/5 or 5/11. 

He saw the saucer about 110 feet away? 

He was abducted on 110W. 
It's fitting for 2017 as well as it will be 42 years ago since this incident supposedly happened. 

UFO=42 and 39(reverse)
Arizona=39 and 42(rev red)
New Mexico=42(red rev)
I watched these films the same day as the "Eclipse"=39(rev red)

Snowflake Arizona=89(rev red)

Hoax=60(reverse) and 48
Travis Walton=48
Crop Circle=60(rev red)

I also think about the film "Signs" as well. The Aliens die from Water. I need to rewatch that film as it seems similar to the things I document. 
Of course the movie co stars Joaquin Phoenix as well, brother of River reminding me of Water yet again....River Phoenix died in 1993 as well. 
Have to look more into the Children of God Stuff with them as well. 

I also started this blog post yesterday but my internet disconnected for 3 hours and I just went to bed and posting it now.  It's the worst internet provider of all time, but can't get anything better where I live. 

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