Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Aaron Carter comes out as Bisexual- Also has a Twin Sister named Angel

Of course Aaron Carter would come out as bisexual. Probably from beating off Shaq. 

Aaron Carter=51
Bisexual=51(rev red)

Honestly the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that Aaron Carter is a TWIN...of course lol I shouldn't admit I even know that. His sister also named "Angel" I mean can it get anymore connected to what I've mentioned? 
I just learned Justin Timberlake also a twin when trying to find  a screenshot......Nsync..Backstreet Boys...Aaron Carter? 
Angel Charissma Carter=87
Born in 87' 
This story comes on 8/7. 

He actually came out on 8/5 but the media is telling us on 8/7. 
I find the 8/5 thing interesting as that was the day I got a text from Sam and noticed a new number 180. 
Aaron Charles Carter=81, 180 also 117(rev red)
Arizona Diamondbacks=81, 180 and 117(rev red)
With the End date 8/5 is 81 days before the World series. 
Notice his then girlfriends name as well...
Madison Parker=81(rev red)
Twin Theme=117

This story comes 123 days before his bday. 

He's from Tampa, Florida. 
Aaron Carter=51
Tampa, Florida=116

8/7 also the 127th day of the MLB season. 
Carter born on 12/7. 

12/7 is 1 months 13 days after the 113th World Series begins. 

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