Thursday, August 17, 2017

Natalee Holloway's remains possibly found-more Twins and other symbolism in my life

I'm using my hotspot to make this blog post as my internet was diconnected the other day now too. Lol seriously been a stupid week, but I ordered a new computer and have to wait until tomorrow to pay the internet bill. Thankfully I have a bunch of upcoming band/dj gigs to pay for this crap, but what a time as the news has been going crazy lately.  Anyway it was driving me crazy not to post about this Natalee Holloway story. 

Earlier on the way to my girlfriends Dr's. appointment I mentioned the Natalee Holloway story to her. I was talking about why only certain stories get placed in the media and not others. Think of how many people go missing every day or people who get murdered that you never hear about and so on. So now here I am looking at CNN on my phone and I see a story about Natalee Holloway. 

Notice how she went missing 7 months 9 days after her bday? 
Remains=79(the topic of the story today)

The story on CNN about her remains comes 79 days after the 12th anniversary of her going missing. 
Notice also it's 2 months 18 days. 
A number Derek has mentioned a lot in regards to the upcoming eclipse. 
Dutch=79(reverse)...what they tell us Van Der Sloot is. 
Doesn't have to mean anything but Dutch also reminds me of a recent post as Darren Daulton's nickname was Dutch and he died on Joran van der Sloot's bday 8/6. 
8/6 the 218th day of the year. Daulton died 2 months 18 days before the WS begins. 

I'm also interested that this story is about her Dad/Father. 
Natalee Holloway=169
Went missing on the 150th day of the year. 
Darren Daulton's book is 169 pages. 

Both of these things were in connection to what I talked about in regards to Priests/Fathers Day/USS Fitzgerald MISSING Sailors....
Fathers day on the 169th day and so on...
Child Molesting=150 (much more)

August 17th is also the 229th day of the year...
Joran Van Der Sloot=229(reverse)
The USS Fitzgerald story was in connection to Otto Warmbier who was last seen crying on the camera on 2/29/16. 

Notice Joran van der sloot's bday of 8/6 or 6/8. 
Holloway went missing 68 days before his bday. 
Joran Van Der Sloot=68

Van Der Sloots bday is 2 months 15 days before Holloway's. 
May 30th leaves 215 days in the year. 

Notice his father Paul Van Der Sloot born on 2/15 as well. 
He dies on 2/10
Paul Van Der Sloot=210(reverse)
It's also interesting he dies on 2/10 in 2010. 
Holloway declared dead on the 12th day of 2012. 

He also murdered Stephany Flores on the 5th anniversary of Holloway going missing. 
Holloway=33(red rev)
Flores=33(rev red)

Holloway last seen at Carlos'n Charlie's in Oranjestad, Aruba. 

Oranjestad is named the Orange City. 
Oranjestad, Aruba=150
She went missing on the 150th day of the year. 
Natalee Holloway=74(rev red)

I also wanted to document some things in regards to twins that happened yet again. 
Yesterday before work I turned on the TV and started watching "The Chase" on GSN. Anyway the first guy up(1 minute into me turning on the tv) had a question and the answer was Twin Peaks. Then against the beast he lost on a question about Polar Bears having Twins. 

I got on my Facebook just before going to CNN and seeing the Natalee Holloway story and this was one of the first posts on my feed. 
Enterthe5t4rz sharing a video with the caption "My Twin". 

I clicked on his page and just a few posts down he has this picture with Twin Peaks and the Bohemian Grove. 
8/11 at 8:11pm...
Twin Peaks=118
He talks a lot or at least used to about 88....11X8=88

Not sure if I posted about this or not, but the other day I went back and looked at my posts about the Biker Gang fight at Twin Peaks in Dallas, Texas...
Casey Brown=125
Twin Peaks=125(reverse)
Casey Brown=55(rev red)
Enter the Stars=55(red)
God=55=Heaven=Cloud=Satan=King James
Casey James Brown=88(rev red)This one cracks me up. 
I believe he even lived in Dallas for a short time in the past few years? 

Ha and thinking about it when I mentioned Darren Daulton above....He had the book "If They Only Knew". Casey has the backup youtube channel called "If You Only Knew". 
Brother Berg post on Darren Daulton
I'll remember this day if the Astros are in the World Series. Brother Berg's post on Darren Daulton has a lot to do with the Astros. Their symbol is the STAR. 
Darren Daulton=147 and 204(reverse)
Houston Astros=204 and 147(reverse)
The Chase=147(reverse)

The Chase premiered on 8/6 as well. 


  1. I don't know if you catched the show called World of Dance on NBC. the final was on 8/8/17 (8-8-8) won by a set of French Twins. for more of this twin symbolism. and they were dressed in Red. for more symbolic stuff. I saw a Dennys comercial and one guy was holding twin babies in his arms...Too much. You have a great mind Dan. keep it going!

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