Tuesday, August 1, 2017

MTV Changes VMA Moonman to Moonperson in light of Transgenders

Moonman is out Moon Person is in? 
Gender Neutral=54, 144
Moon Person=54, 63,144
Transgenders=54, 144
College World Series Gay Agenda 2016
I mention a lot of 54 in the above video link in regards to Gay/Trans stuff. 

 I just want to point out how the space theme is interrelated into yet another issue in the media. Talk about really programming the young minds that there is no such thing as gender. What's next? A story about Buzz Aldrin wanting to use the Women's Bathroom?

The Story came out yesterday but interesting I see it today. 
8/1 is the is 36th anniversary of MTV that began on 8/1/81. 
Eighty One=54 also 36(rev red)

The first images on MTV were a montage of Apollo 11. 
Apollo Eleven=55(rev red) and 134
Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock and Roll=134

MTV replaced best male and best female with Artist of the Year..
Artist of the Year=190
Apollo Eleven=190(reverse)

Now that I'm thinking about it remember Katelyn on the Real World? The first Transgendered person on the real world named Katelynn? Think about that in regards to Bruce Jenner now being Caitlyn...
Katelynn=30 and 42(red rev)
Caitlyn=30 and 42(red rev)

Katelynn Cusanelli=63
Jazz=63.....I am Jazz girl....

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  1. Check out vids/pics of Russia's recent Navy Day. Some of the numbers on the ships are laughable