Monday, August 7, 2017

Franklin Gutierrez video that Sam was talking about-111th and 97th World Series-Arizona Diamondbacks-Seattle Mariners

So I found the video Sam was talking about. I thought he meant a newer video, but it's actually a video from 7/22/15. I didn't mention his name in it, but showed the video clip of a Franklin Gutierrez Grand Slam that he had shared on Facebook.  I spelled his name wrong in the title which is why I probably couldn't find it earlier. 

So that means Sam sent me that message 2 years 14 days after the video he was referring to was put out by me. 
Franklin Gutierrez=97, 214

I put that video out 97 days before the 111th WS. 
This is interesting as 2001 was the 97th WS and it also began on 10/27. 
2001 Mariners lost after 9/11.....The game in the above videos final score was 11-9. 
Franklin Rafael Gutierrez=122
Kansas City=122...won the 111th WS. 
He hit his grand slam against pitcher Neftali Feliz who now plays for the Royals in 2017. 
The Royals were supposed to play the Mariners on 8/5/17 but it was postponed as well. It was the Mariners 112th game, so they stayed on 111 games. 

I even put the video out 111 days before my bday...
Also 3 months 19 days....
319 was important to my previous post...Sam Born on 319th day. 

Notice it was 116 days before his bday then. 
Mariners won 116 games and then lost in 2001. 
Crazy how just the other night I was talking about the Grand Canyon and moving to Arizona on 11/6. The town I moved from and the town I live in again "Dunlap, Iowa"=116
Grand Canyon=116 and I said I saw a guy named Jim Grady there. 
I haven't seen that guy in forever and last night at my friends wedding he was there. Just crazy....
Also I just posted how Arizona won the year the Mariners had 116 wins. 
All the Jay Z stuff in regards to Twins and his 4:44 album coming out 116 days before the WS this year....
Possibly why I was redrawn to look at Slipknot too. 

On the 116th day of the year this year, the Mariners played Detroit. Detroit the team Gutierrez hit the Grand slam against. 
Possibly nothing but noting Arizona lost 8-5 that day. Mariners won 8-0.....8/5 is 80 days before the WS. 

The only reason I found the video was because I saw this post on Facebook. It made me search for a video I made in regards to the Franklin Child Prostitution Ring in Omaha. I can't find that video now, but I'm guessing it's mixed in with a different video somewhere. I talked about the Documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence"...
What I remember though was the main victim's name was Troy BONER. 
Think about Pizzagate and David Seaman too. 
Earlier I wrote Sam a Big long message in regards to a similar thing he asked me in regards to Tom Delonge.  being a freemason and child sex things. 
I pretty much told him that I think Chester and Chris were just playing their part just as Tom Delonge. They had to bring this topic up before they died to further along the Pizzagate type psyop. 
August 5th...8/5...
Gutierrez Grand Slam Video
A big thing I talk about in the above video is 11 and 8. Call 118 sign in the background and Gutierrez hits a grand slam making it 11-8. 
Sam Moores=118 and 125(reverse)
Child Prostitution Ring=118 and 125(rev red)
8/5 was the 125th day of the MLB Season...

In that video I also talk about how Gutierrez signed an amateur contract with the Dodgers and then was later traded to the Indians for Milton Bradley. Look at the board game guy Milton Bradley though. 
Born on 11/8. 
Died on the 150th day of the year. 
Milton Bradley=150
World Series=150(reverse)

Something I also overlooked in my previous post on Franklin Gutierrez...
Arizona Diamondbacks=117(rev red)

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