Monday, August 28, 2017

Twins played Los Angeles on 113th day of Season and LA 113 days before 113th WS-Interesting connections to my Bandmates

I noticed on the 113th day of the season this year the Twins played Los Angeles(Dodgers). 

The Twins also played Los Angeles(Angels) 113 days before the World series. 

So the Twins played Los Angeles on 2 important days in regards to the 113th World Series....Possibly the Twins stuff is just showing us the Dodgers? Or possibly I am right and it's for the Twins? 

Haha for some reason I'm sitting here thinking about Los Angeles and if there are any connections to my own life other than me being a former Laker Fan....
The drummer in my band is originally from Los Angeles. 
Jesse Granstrom=183 and 195(reverse) also 57. 
Minnesota Twins=195 and 183(reverse)
World Series=57
The singer/guitarist and only other member is my friend Patrick Conrad. He used to live in Minneapolis lol. Just crazy. 
Patrick Conrad=133
Minnesota=133(reverse) and 110
Pat Conrad=38=Minnesota
Jesse's bday is 38 days after the WS begins this year. 
Omaha Nebraska=46, 109
Los Angeles=37, 46, 109
We also practice just off of 144th and DODGE Street. Pat lives just off of 50th and Dodge....Possibly nothing but worth noting as I always drive down Dodge to get to both places.  

Pat's bday is 110 days before mine. 7/23 to 11/10. 
Jesse's bday is 11 months 10 days before mine. 12/1 to 11/10. 

We have 2 different bands with the same members. 
The cover band is called
 "Sweet Nothing"=60 and 57(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60 

The original band is called 
Punch Clock Martyrs=76, 95(rev red), 220 and 239(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Patrick Jonathan Conrad=90 and 126(rev red) and 216
Jesse Robert Granstrom=90 and 126(rev red) and 261
I can't remember our first show as Sweet Nothing, but our first show as Punch Clock Martyrs was on 7/27/17 at The Down Under Lounge. Although we did a few covers that night...
The Down Under Lounge=90 and 261
It's a place Jesse frequents as well lol just awesome. 
7/27 was 89 days before the WS....."Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red) which was also the day Magic Johnson said the Dodgers would win. 
One Hundred Forty Four=90(rev red) and 261  
Nelsons Creek Drive=261(reverse) (actual street off of Dodge)

It's funny to me as well because our First Practice ever was on 7/26/16. 
Daniel Behrendt=726(sumerian)
Jesse's bday of Dec. 1st or 1/12....
It was 91 days before the 112th World Series in which the Cubs won. 
Chicago Cubs=91
First Practice=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147


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