Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Joel Osteen-Hurricane Harvey-Other thoughts about my life in connection to things

These stories about Joel Osteen are fitting to the Priest stuff I've mentioned and also possibly the World Series. 
Joel Osteen=150(reverse)
150 a number I mentioned in regards to Priests in June. 
Also "World Series"=150(reverse)
Lakewood Church=69(rev red) and 147
World Series=57 and 69(rev red) and 147
Houston Floods=57, 183 and 60(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60, 183
Mega Church=183(reverse)

Minnesota=52(rev red)
It averages 52,000 attendees and seats 168,000?
Houston Floods=168(reverse)
Founded on the 130th day of the year...

Ever since Hurricane Harvey I have not been able to stop thinking about Steve Harvey as I covered him in regards to Gameshows.

Steve Harvey=150 and 147(reverse) also 57(red rev)

I also sitting here as someone at work told me they didn't understand my shirt. I'm wearing the shirt my uncle Barney gave me on Christmas that has the superman logo and says "Murphy Did it". 
I covered this before but wondering if it's connected to this year as well. 
Murphy Did it=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
Remember my uncle went to the Cubs 112th game of the season on 8/8/2005 to celebrate his wedding anniversary on 8/8/80. He quit drinking on 8/8/88. "Curse of the Billy goat"=88 the goat was named "Murphy". Anyway the Cubs lost to the Reds that day 9-4(Cleveland Indians). The Reds were the team Houston tied that season....and last season the Cubs tied for the first time since that tie. Houston went on to get swept in the WS by the Chicago White Sox who won for the first time in 88 seasons. 
Barney dies on 1/14(Cubs fan)
The Cubs tied the same day as 114 people injured in the Hoboken Train wreck. 
Cubs won WS on 114th win of season. 
Cubs were in 114th year being called Cubs. 
Houston tied the Reds 114 days before the WS in 2005. 

 A lot of Houston connections I mentioned a while back in regards to Houston and my own life...A bunch involved the number 175...
Barney died 175 days after his bday....He wrecked on 1/13...On his way home from Minneapolis before getting on Hwy 175 where the high school team named the Falcons played. 
I mentioned a bunch of other connections to Barney and the Cubs as well...
Barney Murphy=67=Cleveland Indians
Interesting too...."Creighton University"=261
I just recently have been seeing this 261....
Remember Barney's song at his funeral was My Way by Frank Sinatra and I just saw a James Harden Adidas commercial with him laying in Water and at the end they are singing that song. 

I was just in my friend JOEL's wedding. Remember his brother is from Houston....Joel born on the 

I'm only documenting all of these things as the more I understand how all of these things are interrelated, the more more I can understand how it works. There are just too many "coincidences" connected to what I've seen in the history of my own life and how they are interrelated to not document. Also things such as the TV saying the same words I'm writing about have more importance than I can see at this moment, Especially when it happens almost every single day. 

Ha Seriously I type what I just typed about the TV and then I started thinking about the Darren Daulton book and him talking about Consciousness. I typed "consciousness" in on the Gematrinator and I hear the same word on TV. It was the Loud House again, episode 41 "One of the Boys". 
One of the Boys=175(reverse) and 49(rev red)
The Loud House=171(reverse) and it's on Channel 171 on Dish Network. 

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