Thursday, August 31, 2017

Family Guy Stars Wars-Kabbalah Bracelet-Twins

I tried making a video earlier, but for some reason my internet will not work tonight in my car. I figured I would just watch tv for a bit and try again. As I'm sitting here watching the Family Guy Star Wars thing, I noticed something I hadn't before. 

Chris says you don't believe in the Force do you? Then Peter says he believes in his Kabbalah bracelet. Chris then says, "What's Kabbalah?" and Peter says about a buck seventy five and laughs then says honestly I have no idea I'm just a slave to friends. 
About a Buck Seventy Five=318(reverse)
Remember 318 is supposedly the God number....
Slave to Friends=61
God=61 and so on..

Anyway I look up the Red String Kabbalah Bracelet. 
It says it's not used in the Torah or Kabbalah but lists biblical history of a scarlett thread. 
Notice what it says.....It talks about TWINS. 
Genesis 38? 
Above it says it is used to ward off "Evil Eye". 
Evil Eye=38
Star Wars=38, 119
Family Guy=119
Think about Star Wars in regards to Twins as well. 

In looking at this I also learned the name "Thomas" means Twin. 

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