Tuesday, August 29, 2017

If They Only Knew-Darren Daulton Book and a few things I noticed in it

Death of Darren Daulton Post
I just read the Darren Daulton book "If They Only Knew". 
I really didn't learn a whole lot from the book as far as I know. He basically talks a lot of about consciousness levels and other info I have looked at before and researched years ago. He does include some personal experiences and the writing seems very heartfelt and legit. What I mean by that is he doesn't seem to be trying to deceive anyone, it truly seems as he is just giving his experiences and opinions on life. 
It says it was copyrighted in 2007... According to Amazon it was published until 7/5/2012. 

If that publishing date is correct, then he died 5 years 1 month 1 day after it was published. 
In the book he talks a lot about God/Jesus and him possibly reaching Christ Consciousness on a few occasions. 
Christ Consciousness=261(reverse)
I only put this in here as in my last post I mentioned a bunch of 261 which is a number I've only mentioned twice on this blog. 
Atlantis: The Lost Empire=261
Supreme Court Justice=261
Interesting Atlantis? Thinking about Consciousness....

When talking about the Pineal Gland he references this from the bible. 
I have seen God face to face and I shall call this place Peniel. 
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit and so on...

I only read this book for possible clues in regards to the World Series considering his death was connected to it. 
There are a few spots where he lists his experiences with a location. Just pointing out the places in the US are Boston and Pittsburgh....
"As soon as I touched down"....reminds me of football. 
I've seen people talking about Boston in the World Series and Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, so something to make note of.
He also does mention the exact things I experience everyday and document. He's talking about reading a word at the exact time the TV says it and stuff like that. He doesn't go very in depth at this part though he's just talking about everything being connected. 

The only numerology really mentioned is all the 11's around 9/11. 

Who knows, just wanted to document a few things from the book I noticed. 


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