Thursday, August 10, 2017

Death of Don Baylor-Darren Daulton-Zach's post about Daulton on 4/15-Twins-Angels-Dodgers-If They Only Knew

Don Baylor a former MVP with the ANGELS, and World Series winner with the TWINS died on 8/7 age 68. 
How many times have I documented the connection to Angels and Twins now? 

He dies 1 month 10 days after his bday. 

The article then goes on to mention the death of Darren Daulton as well. Known mostly for playing with the Philadelphia Phillies. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191 also 110(red)
Society of Jesus=191

On Daulton's wiki it says he wrote a book about numerology and baseball....

Zach posted about this book on his blog on April 15th. 
Zach's recent blog post on Darren Daulton
Zach's blog post on 4/15 Darren Daulton

I don't think he realizes but his post about Darren Daulton was 113 days before Daulton died. This year the 113th World Series...If he doesn't realize this, I just want to point it out as this is the same stuff that I document about myself a lot. 
Darren Daulton=57, 147
World Series=57, 147
He died on 8/6 which leaves 147 days in the year. 
It was also the 218th day of the year and 2 months 18 days before the WS begins. 

Daulton also dies 150 days before his 56th bday. 
World Series=150(reverse)

Zach also posted about him 3 months 12 days after Daulton's 55th bday. 
Just interesting in light of what I have been posting in regards to the Jesuits/World Series/North Korea and so on..

Zach's post also 192 days before the World Series. 
If They Only Knew=192....(Daulton's book about numerology)
Also it's 6 months 9 days....
World Series=69(rev red)
If they Only Knew=60(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60
Daulton died age 55...
He died the same day the Twins came back down 5-0 to beat the Rangers 6-5.  
The Twins haven't lost a game since he died either. 

What else is interesting about Zach's post on 4/15 is he got the info about this book from the number one Jayhawks fan, who is Seamus Dickey if you have followed Zach's blog over the years. 
Kansas Jayhawks=89(rev red)
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)
Darren Arthur Daulton=89
Seamus Dickey=72(rev red)
In Zach's recent post about Daulton, he posted a bunch of stuff from a reader in regards to the Dodgers. 

He also goes on to say how he's been trying to make his father aware of this coding and he played in the MLB with Darren Daulton. His father most likely is Steve Jeltz...drafted out of Kansas played all seasons with Phillies except for last year with Royals. Possibly this is not his father though. This says he was drafted in 1980 not 83', but Jeltz didn't play with the Phillies until 83'. He's also only 1 of 4 Steve's that played with the Phillies in 83' unless the list I looked at is wrong. Also none of the other 3 make any sense. I also only see 1 Steve on the 1980 roster which is not the correct one. 
I am also not calling this person or Zach out, I'm simply documenting some interesting things. I've said forever that all of this is much bigger than just people scripting every moment of every game. There's a bigger way it's being done, yet I'm positive people know how it's done and use it to their advantage/against the rest of us.  
In regards to Kansas, the person who wanted to be anonymous and sent me some info in regards to Brandon Bourbon's death really emphasized more of what I think is actually happening. I'm not sure if they are ever going to send me the rest of the info, but if not I will show what I've come up with in a video/blog soon. The video on his Facebook before he died was with a kid named Kyle Marler. Bourbon was talking about some interesting stuff...."Only through death can there be new life"...He kept mentioning a bunch about your "Subconscious", "Our Brains our computers....put down the calculator".. Kyle Marler has multiple posts similar..."Thoughts become Things".."By believing in things that don't yet exist, we create them"...stuff like that. A lot more but it truly seems to be significant to what I have been documenting for the past 3 or 4 years. 
Kyle Marler=48
The media reported Bourbon dead on 4/8. 

Anyway if this is his father it's interesting as his bday is 1 month 13 days after Zach's post on 4/15. 
Kansas City=148(reverse)
Born on 148th day of the year. 

The Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 8-4 on the day Zach posted this as well. 
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red) and 60(red)
The Twins won this day 6-0. 

I might get the online version of this book and try to read it. The purpose of the book is to give info that will allow you to be aware of the powers we are all capable of.....? 
Notice it was published on 7/5 or 5/7 as well. 
World Series=57, 75(s)
If They Only Knew=75


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