Monday, December 12, 2016

Susan Olsen(Cindy Brady) gets fired after Homophobic Tirade

Yet again a Brady Bunch story in the media. 
Susan Olsen who portrayed Cindy Brady got fired from her radio show for Facebooking her guest and calling him a Faget. 

Notice this story comes 17 days after the death of Florence Henderson(Carol Brady)

It also comes 17 weeks exactly after Susan Olsen's bday. 

Notice she is 55 years old now too. 
In the Florence Henderson Post I mentioned how it's connected to the death of Ann Davis who played "Alice" on the show. 
Alice was born on 5/5. 

At the end of the article they show us a the Brady Bunch episode called "Coming Out Party" on Hulu lol. 

That episode is the 17th of the 2nd season. Notice also the 42nd episode. 
Coming Out Party=71, 197
Forty Two=142
Wolverines=142 (Brady's college team)
Michigan vs Ohio State game had a lot of 17 in it as well. 
Halftime score of 10-7=17
Went to OT 17-17
Ohio state player named "Samuel"=17, 71 won the game for them. 
Nebraska loses to Iowa, Michigan loses to Ohio State 17

The guy she made fun of talks about Trump in regards to her. 
Acord-Whiting=68, 131
Prince Charles=68, 131
Super Bowl=131
The Brady Bunch=59,131
Susan Marie Olsen=59, 68, 185
Donald John Trump=68, 185
Plus the article is about her getting "Fired" which reminds us of Trump yet again. 

The radio show was actually on 12/7 but this story came out 12/11. 

The radio show was 1 month 29 days before the Super Bowl. 

Interesting the Coming Out Party episode came out on 1/29 of the year 1971. 
71 the year I keep saying is a big piece to the Super Bowl puzzle. 
Notice the next episode also came out on 2/5/71. So exactly 45 years before SB 51. 

Interesting that episode 51(SB 51) Cindy and Bobby follow a native american boy and get lost. Then the next episode they become honorary members of the tribe. 
Native Americans=64
Ninety Eight=64
See my death of Florence Henderson Post. 
Grand Canyon=116
Chief Eagle Cloud=116

This doesn't necessarily fit in this post but I just realized the Cavs won the NBA Finals 231 days before SB 51. I just talked about this in regards to Lady Gaga and Prince Charles. 6/19 was also what would've been the Real King James 450th bday. He was the father of King Charles I. 

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  1. Susan" in the English Ordinal system equals 74

    Susan Olsen" in the English Ordinal system equals 139

    Susan Marie Olsen" in the English Reduction system equals 59

    Homophobic " in the English Reduction system equals 59