Monday, December 19, 2016

Kentucky barn fire kills 23 horses

I'm sure this story is connected to a bunch of different things. Probably next years Triple Crown/Kentucky Derby, but it's also potentially once again for the Colts in the Super Bowl. 
Kentucky Barn Fire=75, 183
Indianapolis colts=75, 192

Lucifer has ties to Luck. 

Interesting just Horse=233(Jewish)
The 51st prime is 233
I thought some of the other words here were interesting in regards to stuff I've been mentioning along with it. 

The 13th Fibonacci number is also 233. 
Fibonacci numbers found by "Leonardo Bonacci"=68, 131
Super Bowl=131

They were able to Save 13 horses of the 36 horses. 
Super Bowl 51 on the 36th day of the year. 

It being at the Mercury Equine Center is also interesting. 
It seems a lot of stuff this year is connected to 48(Donald Trump, Super Moon, Prince Charles, Election, Cleveland Indians and more)   Super Bowl 48 was connected to Neptune. Neptune the god of the Sea/Horses/Earthquakes. 
Phillip Seymour Hoffman died that year. 
Philip means a man who loves Horses. 
The SEAhawks won the Superbowl that year against the White Bronco.  A lot of stuff I could go back on. 

The center has 3 barns and more than 100 horses. 

Have to love the Tweet with the Sun coming up too. Mercury the closest to the Sun. 

If you recall earlier this year we got a story about Mercury passing between the Earth and the Sun on 5/8/16. It only happens about 13 times a century. 
Bonnie Campo=53, 107
Super Bowl LI=53
One Hundred Thirty One=107
Super Bowl=131
King Charles=53, 107

Not sure what else about this story. Need to think about it some more but have to go to work..Yay!