Friday, December 9, 2016

John Glenn Death 144..128..What's the Clue for SB 51?

John Glenn dies today, the day after they reported him being hospitalized. 
John Glenn=99
Ninety Nine=129
I'm surprised he didn't die on 12/9? 

He dies on 12/8.
Notice CNN gives us a 1:28 video too. 

He was the last of the Mercury 7 to die. The last one to die died on 10/10/13.  Which 12/8 is 1 month 28 days after 10/10. 
Interesting too as my previous posts I mentioned JJ and some type of connection to JJ. 
Revelation reminds me of the Philadelphia coding as well.
Pennsylvania became a state on 12/12/17/87=128
William Penn=128
Democratic national convention=128(held in Philly)
4+17+17+90=128(Day Ben Franklin died)

Notice the article on CNN tells us Glenn was with Robert Kennedy on 6/5 just hours before he was shot. 
RFK died at 1:44 am on 6/6. 
Sirhan Sirhan=66 
Robert Kennedy=66

John Glenn dies 144 days after his bday. (end date)
Forty Four=144

RFK dies 199 days after his bday. 

Glenn was born on the 199th day of the year. 
46th prime is 199

I'm trying to figure out how his death is connected to the Super bowl? We already know it's connected to the College Championship as Ohio State University reported his hospitalization. I've been pretty far behind on sports lately especially the NFL but I'm sure it's connected. 

He died on 12/8 which is 1 month 28 days before the Super Bowl. 
He died age 95 and it's 59 days. 

The hospital he was at was 
"James Cancer Hospital"=75, 192
Indianapolis Colts=75, 192
Andrew Austen Luck=75, 192
Possibly a clue? 
He was hospitalized on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. 

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  1. I made the comment about the AN sum of my whole name is 192. Also, I'm 51. I was 51 yrs 51 days on 11-18. Multiple 1's and an 8 have been syncing with me. If youre not familiar with sync in that context, see "Carl Jung synchronicities", which he basically defines as meaning coincidences. Also, I'll be 51 yrs 51 days 51 days on 1-8-2017. 51 * 3 = 153, 153 is a number associated with "blessings" in the bible.
    Tim Tebow had some 316 syncs on my 1-8 date via his Florida national championship game and his first game in the NFL playoffs. The NCAA game was 1-8-2009 and the NFL game was 1-8-2012.
    Also, his first at-bat since playing in the NFL was a homerun, which was on my 51st bday.
    Here's the message I sent to a friend:
    >>> Tebow led the Florida Gators to an NCAA championship 1-08-2009. He’d painted 3:16 under his eyes (For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…). Exactly 3 yrs later he is in the 1st round of the NFL playoffs with the Denver Broncos. Here’s some stats (most of it copied and pasted):
    316 passing yards (Tebow)
    31.6 yards per completion (Tebow)
    31.6% Neilsen spike
    31:06 time of possession (Steelers)
    Only int of game thrown on 3rd and 16 (Steelers)
    John 3:16 was the top search item on Google the next morning, followed by Tebow and Tim Tebow.
    On September 8, 2016, Tebow signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets. He will participate in the Mets' instructional league. In his first at-bat with the organization, on September 28, 2016, Tebow hit a home run on the first pitch. (September 28, 2016 was my 51st bday). <<<
    Also, you mentioned 15 yrs 51 days being the age difference between Obama and Trump. Tebow wore #51 and in the NFL youtube highlights of that 1st playoff game, Tebow, #15, threw to a receiver for 51 yrds. If I remember right, they said it was the first 30+ yd reception on 3rd down any team has had vs the Steelers.
    And if you divide Trump's age into 666-day periods, he's in his 39th, and 39 is 3 13's. That's 39th 666-day period began on my 50th bday, 9-28-2015.
    All of this started full-force with me on 5-24-2016 when I woke up with a major cramp 41 mins before my alarm was to go off. And when i saw that I said to myself, George Bush will die today. I said from the get-go he'd likely not die and that my statement was simply a way to tag it or bookmark it. And as you may know, the Orlando shooting occured on G41's bday, 6-12. He was also 91.9 yrs old when i was awakened by the cramp at 9:19. I call that date and time the prophet date and the prophet time. On the morning of the shooting my cell had died and so i plugged it up and drifted off. My alarm reset to a weird time and awakened me at 318 am. Theres more context for that, but I ended calling 318 the god call. I later discover the tv show, Touch, and am amazed that the first episode is all about that number and cells. Also, in that show theres an Amelia Sequence which is referred to as the god sequence, and that god sequence starts with 318. So they associated 318 with god as did i, and my association was independent of theirs, knowing nothing about that show or that number.
    318 is in the bible, used with Abram before he was blessed and became Abraham. Also, many sources have said that Jesus' second coming was promised 318 times in the new testament.