Friday, December 9, 2016

Jeopardy Contestant dies before show airs...Ken Jennings..Alex Trebek

Jeopardy contestant dies before the show airs. 


Jeopardy=40, 94
Alex Trebek=40, 49, 103

She died from "Colon Cancer". 
Colon Cancer=49, 103

Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek=94, 220
He was born in the year 40' 
No wonder he is the host!

She was fighting Stage 4 cancer. 
Stage Four=40, 112

Jeopardy created by Merv Griffin. 
Merv Griffin=73, 91, 127
The story is reported on 12/7.  

Jeopardy is in it's 33rd season with Trebek as host. 

The story comes out 87 days after the 33rd season begins. 
Eighty Seven-58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139

The story comes out 139 days after Trebek's bday. 

Jeopardy always reminds me of Ken Jennings. You know the guy who won 74 times on the show. Born in 74'. 
He's age 42 now. 
Ken Jennings=50, 122 
He lost on his 75th episode to "Nancy Zerg"=50, 113
He lost on 11/30..2004 as well. To a lady with 113 gematria. 
Cindy Stowell story comes on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. 
Seventy Five=53
Cindy Stowell=53 (Lady who died)
Fifty Three=122

Cindy Stowell also died 75 days after the filming of her episode. She died on 12/5 but not reported until 12/7. 

Jennings was on the show for 181 days. 
42nd prime is 181. 

Notice Cindy Stowell dies age 41 and the show she was on will air on 12+13+16=41

I seriously used to watch this show and other games shows everyday for years. We used to get super high and see who could get the most right. I remember I was really far behind one day and I ended up beating everyone because I knew how to say Hippo Fucker in German. One of the funniest days ever. 

If only I could get my best friend to understand or want to understand gematria. I swear he knows so much about sports and sports history it's crazy. I remember we used to watch Stump the Schwab and I don't think he ever got a question wrong. He literally knows some of the dumbest shit a person would ever need to know about sports. He would be a great asset in figuring out sports rigging, but he still just can't break himself that it's scripted.
But yeah got to get up in a few hours for work so better try and sleep. Peace. 

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