Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michael's Death...Nebraska-Herbie the Love Bug-Royal Family-Orlando Nightclub shooting-A lot of unorganized interrelated stuff

I'm watching some of my old videos as I know there was something really significant in regards to 53 and Queen Elizabeth II. 
All of these interrelated things I've mentioned are really coded to 53. 
NU= 5 and 3 
Mike Riley=53...born in 53'. 
Herbie the Love Bug was Car #53
Lindsay Lohan=53, 134  she was wearing the Blood Moon Shirt in Herbie Fully Loaded. 
Tommy Boy says Herbie Hancock and that movie was connected to Jerry Sandusky and the Huskers and more. 
King Charles=53
King Charles III=134
Remember Lindsay Lohan cut off her Ring Finger this year on the same day Kim Kardashian was robbed and her Ring was stolen. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222.....2/22 is the 53rd day. 
11/8 (election day) left 53 days in the year. 

We have George Michael dying age 53...who's famous for the song Last Christmas dies on Christmas the same day we get a story of Queen Elizabeth II being sick. She said last year to enjoy your last Christmas. 
Christmas was 12+25+16=53
Jesus Birthday=53
Christmas Day=59
Fifty Three=59
Lincoln Nebraska=411(Jewish)
Christmas=411 (Jewish)
Four Hundred Eleven=197=Prince
Anyway notice Herbie Husker was created by Dirk West who is from Lubbock Texas...Yet again a Lubbock reference. 

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou=135, 333
Lubbock Texas=135
University of Nebraska-Lincoln=333
Herbie Husker=66
Michael Riley=66

George Michael died 8 months 4 days after Queen Elizabeth's 90th bday. 
Dean Jones died age 84 (Herbie actor). 

How fitting for George Michael to die on Christmas as well...
Georgios Panayiotou=,97 232
Ninety Seven=53

He also dies 323 days after Elizabeth's 64th anniversary being Queen. 

Remember the Chelsea bombings this year in September as well. 
They caught the guy by a Green Beetle Bug. 
Green Beetle=53
CUYD=53(in the background)
It happened 3 years 5 months 3 days after the Boston Bombing. 
Chelsea Bombing Video

George Michael=72, 108
Last Christmas=45, 72, 162
Lindsay Lohan born on 7/2. 
Prince Harry=72...Invictus Games...."Orlando Florida"=72
George Michael being gay it seemingly fits. 
Seventy Two=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168

Notice Christmas was also 53 days after the Cubs won the WS for the first time in 108 years. 
Major League Baseball=162...162 Regular Season Games.
Last Christmas=45
Cubs were cursed from the year 45'. 

Notice Christmas is also 1 month 12 days before Elizabeth II's 65th anniversary being Queen. 
112th World Series ends on 11/2...The Superbowl in "Houston"=112 will be played on her 65th anniversary because of the time difference. 

George Michael also died 183 days after his bday....
183 is a special number I've mentioned in regards to 8/7 and Queen Elizabeth. 
Christ's Birthday=183
7/2 normally the 183rd day. 
A lot in the Pulse Nightclub was "Orange"=183

Orlando shooting was 197 before Christmas. 
Henry Charles Albert David=108
George Michael=108
King Henry IX=72 (what Harry would be). 
It's highly unlikely he would become the King but still interesting. 
I need to think about some of this stuff, my brain is really jumbled with too many multiple topics, so I'll come back to this if something sparks my brain. 
Dezy's Blog Post on George Michael
Here's another good link to check out in regards to his death. 


  1. All the Lubbock stuff you are finding is very interesting... As it turns out that is where I am from. Anything you want to know about I probably have more information to help. I'm currently researching the dolphins, maybe they are the AFC team instead of the Colts

  2. #33 RB on the Raiders is De Andre Washington from Texas Tech, he had 2 TDs in the game to beat the Colts. Colts have a rookie lineman named LaRaven Clark from Tech as well. The Dolphins have a rookie named Jakeem Grant who is one of the fastest players in the league from Tech. Also Wes Welker started as a dolphin... Crabtree on the Raiders from tech... Maybe they are tying it to TX tech somehow

  3. "George" Michael D.O.B is exactly 6 mths after his faked death. Or before his next bday. "Michael" Jackson "died" on "George Michaels" B'day. A date specially shared with "George" Orwell's D.O.B 25/6/1903 exactly 60yrs before GM and died 13yrs before GM is born. GM dies 113yrs after GO is born. 2017-33yrs=1984 as in the year he sang "Last Christmas" released 3/12 or 12/3 on album called music from the edge of heaven. Released with another song on the double A side called "Everything "She" Wants" same day the Christmas number 1 was released by band aid "Do They Know It's Christmas?" there's bound to be far more numbers around these and other "stars/actors/stooges/shills/scum" that I'm yet to see or more likely... have already forgotten 😉