Saturday, December 10, 2016

Family Guy The 2,000 Year Old Virgin..74 joke in an episode about Jesus

I'm sitting here looking up some stuff and Family Guy is playing in the Background. It's the episode "The 2000 Year Old Virgin". 
Season 13 episode 6. 
The Two Thousand Year Old Virgin=136
How fitting it's Season 13 episode 6 huh? 

Anyway I noticed the whole episode is about getting Jesus Laid and he eventually chooses Peter's wife Lois. 

The only thing I want to point out in the episode is this part in the photo above. These people bring their handicapped kid to God and say "Thank You For testing us...can't wait to see what that bigger plan is". 
Then God says that the boy is going to live to be 74 years old. 
Go figure....
And So on....


  1. The Two Thousand Year Old Virgin=136? Whats the 136 from? I did the alphanumeric value of the actual title as given, adding together the value of each letter, and got the alphanumeric value of my whole name, my three names added together - 192. It's so weird reading your page because I'm into the same thing and many of our numbers click.

  2. Meant to include that i used the following to get 192, The 2000 Year Old Virgin. Also, i use this site to calculate it:
    I use the same calendar site as you.