Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cindy Stowell's 3rd day of Scripted Jeopardy

Haha my god today's Jeopardy episode was hilarious. 
Notice Cindy Stowell wearing the Cherry Shirt. 
She died age 41. 
1st episode aired on 12+13+16=41

Weird in my first video on this, I even mentioned Tupac as an example although it had nothing to do with Jeopardy. I was just explaining how I noticed number patterns from a long time ago. 
In Double Jeopardy today one of the Categories was "To Live and Die in LA" reminding us of Tupac. The song that he sampled PRINCE on as well. It was Tupac was called Makaveli and the real Machiavelli was most known for his writing called "The Prince". 

Anyway  The first question on the category was about Notorious BIG. 
The one lady guessed wrong and said "Tupack" and then Cindy Stowell got it right by saying "Biggie Smalls". 
Tupac Shakur=40
Alex Trebek=40

Going into Final Jeopardy Cindy Stowell has $ 5,300
Cindy Stowell=53
The Answer to the Final Question is "Mad Men"...Alex Trebek even goes on to say yes..."Madison Avenue" known for advertising. 
Madison Avenue=53
Madison Ave=40=Jeopardy
Cindy Stowell got it correct and wagered $3,300.
The other girls got it wrong and wagered too much so Cindy Stowell yet again wins! 
Now has a 3 day total of $39, 600. 
Funny that "Three Hundred Ninety Six"=116  reminding us of the leader's score going into final jeopardy. 

Mad Men=23, 50
In the beginning of the episode Trebek makes it clear it's 3 Ladies on the show. 
Ladies=23, 50

Tomorrow will be 12+16+16=44
Notice her 3 day total right now is also $4,400 away from $44,000.