Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cindy Stowell wins on Jeopardy today with 22,801..Russia..Cuba..See what happens tomorrow

I'm just starting the episode of Jeopardy right now. Anyway I noticed this article on CNN about how she won. 

Look how much CNN says she won....


I noticed the very first Question on the show she answered and got it correct. The Answer was Elvis Presley. 
He died age 42. He was the KING. 

She later wins on a question about Cuba's 2nd largest City. 
Santiago, Cuba=41, 113
She dies age 41. 
She also went into Final Jeopardy with 12,200 dollars. 
Remember the story came out on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. 
Seventy Five=53
Cindy Stowell=53
Fifty Three=122

Also in regards to Santiago, Cuba=113
Ken Jennings lost to "Nancy Zerg"=113 on 11/30. 

I also notice a decent amount of questions that were about Russia, then the Final Question is about Cuba...She even got a daily double correct and the answer was Red Dawn the 1984 film about Russia attacking the US. 

Anyway she will be back on tomorrow, we'll see what happens again. 


  1. They sure are a funny bunch of Zionist scumbags.

  2. In addition to all the other story lines, she seems like a trannie to me. That is huge strategy for our friends in high places...

  3. Stowell. Like stow the package well.