Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cindy Stowell wins day 5 of scripted Jeopardy.

It just never ends lol. Once again Cindy Stowell wins on Jeopardy becoming a 5 day champion now. 
Her 5 day winnings are $ 80,002 
Eighty Two=132

She gets the very first question correct. The answer is Microscope. 
Cindy Stowell=53

At the first break Cindy is negative $200. 
No Fear though, Alex Trebek says she's in the Red but that will change soon. 

At the end of the first round  Cindy is down by $6,200 to both opponents. 
Cindy Stowell=62
Remember she went into today with a 4 day total of $62,001. 
In the beginning of the 2nd round Cindy makes a comeback on the Category "Landlocked African Countries". She skips over the $800 but does all the other ones in the category. When she finally gets to that one, Alex says I don't know why you skipped that one, but it's the daily double and now you have some money to risk. Lol well duh she obviously knew it was the daily double. 
Her wager is..."Bet it all"=81
The answer to the question was "Zimbabwe"=81

Bet it all=257(Jewish)
Landlocked African Countries=257(Simple)
The question was also about "Five US dollars"=55
55th prime is 257. 

Tony Bennett also asked the questions on a category in the first round. They actually ended the round with his entire category. 
It was all about his 90 years of life. 
Notice he was born on 8/3. 
He's also did a song with Lady Gaga when he was 88 years old. 
Anthony Dominick Bendetto=112=Houston
Remember the Virginia coach Tony Bennett who collapsed in the March Madness Tournament was connected to him and the Cavaliers winning. I'm guessing since Gaga is doing SB 51 there's more to look into with this guy in regards to the SB. 
Especially with "Cindy Stowell"=53=Super Bowl LI

Anyway Trebek tells us that tomorrow 12/20/16 NBC is airing a tribute to Tony Bennet's 90th bday. 

Wondering why it's 139 days after his 90th bday? 
Freemasonry=58, 139 that's why. 
Ninety=33, 87
Eighty Seven=58, 139

There's even a point in this episode where Kristin misses the Daily Double bringing her down to $7,400 with Jonathan. 
Cindy has 9,600

Jonathan gets the Daily Double correct with the Answer of 
"XYZ Affair"=53

Cindy is the only person who gets the Final Jeopardy question correct. 
The answer is radical but notice Trebek says Yes Radical Chic. 
Radical Chic=53
The Category was "Words with Multiple Meanings"=122
Fifty Three=122

She had $ 11,600 going into final Jeopardy. Notice here wager of 6,401. 
The 116th prime numbers is 641. 
In the Red but that will Change=116
In the Red Eight Hundred=116 (Her score after 1st round)
One Hundred Sixteen=87
Eighty Seven-58, 139=Freemasonry
The 42nd prime is 181

When they interviewed them too we found out that Cindy collects Nail Polish. 
Nail Polish=52, 61, 115
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115

Family of Cindy Stowell News story
I also found this news story that had Cindy Stowell's family on it. 
Notice the Temperature of 53 degrees. 
Check out the link...her sister in Law is
Julianna Stowell=53
She's married to Cindy's brother Greg. 
Greg Stowell=53
Talk about the 53 family. 
The kids seem very strange in this video as well. 
The reporter says Cindy was playing Jeopardy with a Temperature of over 100 degrees. Now if you watch any episode she doesn't even look sick whatsoever. 

Look at facebook too. Check out Julianna Stowell, Greg Stowell, and Cindy's boyfriend Jason Hess. 
They all have posts showing from years ago and then nothing until recently. Which seems fishy to me. Even if they blocked a bunch of their posts, why even bother letting us see 1 new post?

Jason Hess has posts from 2010 lol and then 1 picture of him and Cindy from 12/5/16...Where was he for the last 5 years? 

Anyway I'm sure there's more that happened in the episode of today's jeopardy. I watched it pretty fast and I have to get some sleep as I have to get up at 8am for work. Maybe I'll rewatch it tomorrow night. Peace. 


  1. Not sure it means anything, but the Nail Polish and the Words witb Two Meanings thing made me think of the Invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939. That happened on 9/1 or 109 days before this episode aired on the 19th. Also, 39 was 77 years ago. What is really interesting about the date durations is it is 3 months 18 days from 9/1 to 12/19(318) and 8 months and 13 days from 12/19 to 9/1(813).

  2. I think all thesescumbags after graduating from their school or college they were instructed to create a different identity in which they will be used in the future for and I think it's just part of the game