Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cindy Stowell wins day 4 on scripted Jeopardy!

Cindy Stowell wins yet again, so now it's 4 days in a row. 

The first thing that stuck out to me on the episode was she answered a question about an "Excavator" then Alex says nope, well I guess we will accept it. We were looking for "Earth Mover". 
Earth Mover=53
Cindy Stowell=53

Just a bit later there is an awkward part as Erin gets 2,200 and then begins to say the category again and Trebek stops her to go to a break. 
Interesting Erin and Cindy both have 2,200....
The Category was called, "Opposites"=44

When they come back from commercial Alex talks to the contestants and we find out Cindy used to play Rugby in college but quit and played Ultimate Frisbee instead. 
Ultimate Frisbee=165
Twenty Two=165

The very first Question after the commercial Cindy gets right and goes up to 2,800. 

Erin also missed the daily double taking her down to 2,800. The answer was actually Ayn Rand. 

Ayn Rand=77   Notice she died age 77 and her bday was 2/2. 
Earlier Erin also missed another daily double that was about Kwanzaa. 
The story about Cindy Stowell came 77 days after the filming of her 1st episode on Jeopardy. 

The very next question after missing her 2nd daily double she gets right bringing her up to 4,400. 
Erin Williams=144
Forty Four=144

Have to love this category in Double Jeopardy Too. 

In this category Erin also gets another Daily Double. She misses this one as well. The answer is "Three peat"=44
Daily Double....DD=44
Los Angeles Lakers=58, 175
Seventy Seven=49, 58,175

I also noticed before they showed Cindy's answer on Final Jeopardy she is losing by 4,600 and also beating Erin by 4,600. 
Notice Erin has 10,800 now too. 
One Hundred Fifty Four=108
The answer for the final question was "El Salvador and Belize"=79, 187
187 the murder code. 
79 is the 22nd prime. 

She then goes on to win this game and they show she has a 4 day winning of 62,001
She ends up wagering 7,001 bringing her day to 22,401. So she beat Michael by 2,401.....
241 is the 53rd prime number. 

Cindy Stowell=53, 62, 161(I overlooked the S exception on her)
Interesting it's 1  at the end too. Remember her first day she finished with 22,801. 
Possibly why they keep using the 1 at the end. 

So once again Jeopardy scripted by the numbers. 

Can Anyone find her Obituary online? I've tried as I want to see when her birthday was but I cannot seem to find it. I can find obituaries online for anyone I personally knew in a matter of minutes/seconds. Yet I can't find hers online, so just wondering if anyone has found it or knows where to find it or if it even exists. 
I forgot to add that she died on 12+5+20+16=53
Cindy Stowell=53


  1. Great job.. Found this out "wormwood-planet X-nibiru" =

    1. Revelation 8:11, 141st verse of Revelation about Wormwood, the 3 combinations of 811, 811+118+181=1110, disregard the zero so just 111, New York=111


    The only Cyndi I could find. The reason I show this, obviously it isn't her, but damn if the numbers aren't kicking. Check out the birth and death dates and the fact her funeral was at the HUBBARD funeral home.

  3. Nice series Dan! 77+77=154, that's why you're seeing the 77's and the 154, Revelation 9:11 is 154th verse Rvelation. Cindy Stowell (S exception)=62 plus the mirror 62+26=88, Cindy Stowell reduction=53+35=88. Cindy Stowell=161, look at it as minutes in a day, 161 minutes is 2 hours 41 minutes, 241 the 53rd prime, same as her gematria, this is very deeply coded.