Friday, December 23, 2016

Carrie Fisher hospitalized after in flight cardiac incident-Royal Family Princess Camilla

Just got home from work and saw this story on CNN. 
Carrie Fisher is hospitalized after in Flight Cardiac arrest. 

The first thing I think of is the fact she is princess Leia and we just got the story of Queen Elizabeth II being ill. 

Notice Carrie Fisher's flight even came from London. 

Carrie Fisher=74, 119
Star Wars=38, 119

This Story comes 119 days before Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday. 

LAFD responded to Gate 74
Carrie Fisher=74
London=29, 74
Star Wars=29
Cardiac Event=51, 105

All I can think about is maybe Harrison Ford was giving it to her on the plane and it caused this heart attack lol. 
Harrison Ford also the president on the Film Air Force One about the Russians trying to start a new Cold War. 

This story also comes 5 months 6 days after Princess Camilla's birthday. 
Royal Family=56
King James Bible=56 also 119
Los Angeles California=197
The Force Awakens=64, 154
Princess Camilla=64, 154
Remember the whole Native American theme in regards to Prince Charles as well. 
Native Americans=154 Also 1114(Jewish) a lot like Charles' birthday on 11/14. 

This story comes 64 days after Carrie Fisher's birthday. 

There's got to be something to do with Back to the Future and Queen Diana as well as Carrie Fisher born on Back to the Future Day. She turned 59 on Back to the Future Day. 
Back to the Future=59

Notice Diana and Carrie Fisher also share the same middle name of "Frances". Diana dies in France. 

Today is 175 days after what would've been Diana's 55th bday. 
Diana Frances Spencer=175
Diana Spencer=55

She was in London filming for the show Catastrophe. 

Catastrophe's first episode came out on 1/19..2015. 

Harrison Ford was also in a plane Crash on 3/5/15. 
The 64th day of 2015.  We'll see if more details come out. 

The crash happened on Penmar Golf Course. 
Penmar Golf Course=80, 188
King Charles III=80, 
Bavarian Illuminati=80, 188
Also near Santa Monica Airport. 
Santa Monica Airport=81, 207
Charles=207 (Jewish)

The plane had a big number 50 on it. 
Fifty=30, 66
Charles=30, 66

It was also 131 days before Harrison Ford's 73rd bday. 
Harrison Ford=73
Prince Charles=131

Ford's plane crash to Fisher's incident is span of 660 days...


  1. They might be flying home to Saturn

    1. haha, I swear a long time ago(Possibly in a galaxy far away) that someone told me there were books about Star Wars. In the Books Han Solo and Leia had Kids and they moved to Earth, their kids names were Adam and Eve. I cannot for the life of me find any info on it now, but I know someone told me that before.

  2. Don't forget, Harrison had that plane accident that he survived. Like, crashed intona golf course or some such.

    1. awesome I did forget about that lol what a joke. That's the icing on the cake, gonna look more into that crash.