Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Astronauts John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin Hospitalized-connections to November 14th extra super moon and possibly the Dec. 14th 2016 Moon as well

CNN has a story about astronaut John Glenn being hospitalized. 

This story comes just days after we got a story about former astronaut Buzz Aldrin being hospitalized as well. 

Not sure what they are doing with these stories, but as I have mentioned there is a big Moon/Space Theme. 

The story about John Glenn they say that he was hospitalized more than a week ago. So why today 12/7 are we getting this story? If you go a week from today it's also the next Super Moon that we are getting on 12/14.. 
Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr=99, 198(Anything 33 is also 198 in Eng)
John Glenn=99

They were born 3,108 days apart. 
318 is that special number in regards to backwards Pi. It's also special to Prince Charles/Princess Diana and more. 
They were also born exactly 444 weeks apart. 

Buzz Aldrin=52, 133
John Herschel Glenn Jr=97, 205

Not sure of the exact purpose of it is, but just documenting as I'm sure these stories have connections to future events. 

Aldrin was even taken to Christchurch, New Zealand after being evacuated from the South Pole. 
Remember New Zealand had the Earthquake the day of the Nov. 14th Extra SuperMoon. They even mentioned Christchurch in the article. 
7.8 New Zealand Earthquake the day of the Nov 14th Extra Super Moon

There was another story about Aldrin while he was in the hospital about keeping up with the Kardashians. 
Anyway notice Aldrin posts on Twitter at 1:33pm. 
Buzz Aldrin=133, 52
Kardashian=86 (Aldrin is 86 years old)
Keeping up with the Kardashians=131
South Pole=131(where he got sick)
Notice the tweet was on 12+4+20+16=52 as well. 



  2. I've been trying to see what edition of Time, Buzz is reading? Special edition? Interesting...

    Orange pillow.... of course.

    Thanks for your work.