Thursday, December 8, 2016

7.8 Solomon Islands Earthquake-6.5 California Earthquake

So today we get 2 earthquake stories in the news. 
A 7.8 in the Solomon Islands and also a 6.5 off the California Coast. 
Just interesting as last night I made videos talking about the 7.8 New Zealand Earthquake and also the 6.5 earthquake in Indonesia. I mentioned how Buzz Aldrin was in the hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand and John Glenn being in the hospital as well. On 11/14 we had the extra super moon along with the New Zealand Earthquake and in the article they even mention Christchurch. 
Today we also got the death of John Glenn. 

The space program involving the first people in space was called Project Mercury. 
Of Course Mercury also connected to Trump(Money) and the planet with an 88 day orbital period. 

I wonder if Buzz Aldrin going to Christchurch, New Zealand is connected because of Mercury Bay that is located in New Zealand as well? 

James Cook stopped here to observe the transit of Mercury. He is also the first European to supposedly find Hawaii. Think about that in regards to the John Glenn story we got yesterday on Pearl Harbor day. He also died on Valentines day. 

Love how the Solomon Islands are located in the Ring of Fire. 
Ring of Fire=107
Of course the SOLOMON Islands reminding us of Solomon and Freemasonry. 

Notice the California Earthquake today they say it was closest to the city of Ferndale. 
It was a 6.5 earthquake. 
It happened around 6:50 am.... I mean come on lol. 
In the video on CNN the lady says the earthquake happened at 6:56 which is even better...65 mirrored. 
Also if you listen in the video the lady says it was 103 miles west of Ferndale not 102 like the article shows. 
6.5 California Earthquake CNN story

They also bring up San Francisco in the article. Just fitting to a lot of what has been going on lately it seems. (Oakland Fire) which reminded us of the Great Chicago Fire and also the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that caused a great fire. 
Notice the tweet at 9:11 too. 
We also got a story today about a military guy jabbing at Colin Kaepernick in a Pearl Harbor speech. 

I will probably add more to this later tonight or tomorrow. I have so many windows open right now because of the massive amount of news stories to cover today that I need to save them and restart my computer. It keeps freezing up. 


  1. Pacific High that runs down the west coast is Highway 101.. Pacific = 101...coded all the way.

  2. Awesome once again leading back to Philadelphia it seems. "Philadelphia"=65, 101