Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Some thoughts about the NBA-Kentavious Caldwell-POPE-218-Martin Luther and Pope Paul III-October 13th


We learned that the NBA Finals would be the Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers on 9/27, or the Jesuit anniversary. 

Obviously the narrative with this year is connected to the Jesuits...Kobe a Catholic and so on....I almost forgot that the Lakers have Kentavious Caldwell-POPE too....notice his bday is 2/18....218 a big number I have noticed with the Jesuit/Umbrella stuff....

Even Simple Truth TV's real name..

Arthur Pichardo=218

I find it interesting that the Celtics lost on the Jesuit anniversary, which is the team he was really onto...recall his channel was deleted on 6/3....the number 63 was very important to the Jesuit narrative in 2017...it was also important to the film Spotlight about the 87 Priests in Boston. 

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope=261(Manson number)

If you search my blog you will find a post about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope serving a 25 days jail sentence. It was just after Kobe's jersey's were retired...I also mentioned Andre Kirilenko around this same time as his house burnt down...they both had a bday on 2/18.....anyway in the post I even mention how Kentavious was arrested after the Miami Heat game in Detroit...

I should also note that the story of David Stern being hospitalized was just before the Lakers played the Heat too. 

A while back the House of Israel person also told me about Martin Luther dying on 2/18....which is 7 months 9 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

Society of Jesus=79

Miami Heat=79

Ninety Five Theses=79

Pope Francis bday to 2/18 is 63 days. 

Kobe's death was all about the number 34 too...




Martin Luther published the Ninety Five Theses on his 34th bday....

Shaq won his last championship age 34 with the Heat..which is another reason why it was important that Dwight Howard turned 34 years old.

Recall the connections I have to Martin Luther as well....I was born exactly 499 years after him...

95 Theses

499 is the 95th prime number. 

Dan Behrendt=95

Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Jesuits founded the day leaving 95 days in the year. 

Martin Luther King died on the 95th day of the year. 

The Jesuits were approved by Pope Paul III... he died exactly 433 years before I was born..

84th prime is 433....Jesuit=84

Also interesting to note he became the pope on 10/13, which is when a possible game 7 of the NBA Finals would be....also the day Zach's book goes to Amazon....also Doc Rivers bday...and Rivers just got fired by the Clippers. 

10/13 leaves 79 days in the year. 

10/13 is 261 days after Kobe died on 26/1. 

Looking at the date 10/13 too....it's the bday of Kelly Preston who recently died in connection to the TWIN theme. Ha, it's also Paul Pierce's bday....think about his connection to Doc Rivers..

10/13 is also the date the Knights Templar were supposedly wiped out in France on Friday the Thirteenth...Recall how coronavirus was declared a National Emergency on Friday the 13th...3/13...Pope Francis' anniversary. 


  1. Pat Riley played for the San Diego ROCKETS.

    Rocket theme lives!!!!

    TB Lightning....
    Tom Brady....Tampa Bay.

    Miami in Finals.

    SB 54....Miami
    SB 55....Tampa Bay.

    TB Rays ended #1 in MLB...

    I suspect they will lose to the BLUE JAYS in Wild Card Round, just a prediction.

    4th time in NFL history Back-to-Back SB in the SAME STATE.

    Stadium is a NEST.....think about the shape....

    That share the same STATE [Mother]


    MASKed Singer, first time a DUO was on stage.

    Two snow owls that share the SAME EGG.

    Twin theme again.

  2. There will be a Mars/Earth conjunction on October 13th on the 713th anniversary of the Knights Templar being rounded up. Saturn = 713 Hebrew Gematria. That's day 555 of Martian year 218. Magic Square of Mars is a 5x5.
    October 13th is Tuesday/Mars' Day!

    713 = 23x31 the 9th and 11th prime numbers.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JteWjMTfsY

    1. Wow on Donnie and Marie show. Can't unsee that. And we talk about people today being asleep!
      I bet when this show happened NO ONE had a clue on what they just saw.

  4. The Revelation 12 sign happened on June 3rd, 1769. This June 3rd was 251 years later. That's the 54th prime. "Venus" = 54 rev and "Basketball" = 251 Jewish. Kobe died 2510 days into Pope Francis' reign.

  5. Span of 251 years 251 days to Super Bowl

  6. Eddie Van Halen died. I think they killed him so you would come out of hiding. Back in 2018 I showed how they used gematria in their hot for teacher to spell out "holy shit"